Driftworks S15 repair: Part 1

Driftworks S15 repair

After the mayhem of the crash at JDM Allstars yesterday, today’s mission was simple – get the S15 off the trailer and on to the lift to assess the damage. Make sure you keep an eye on the blog this week, because we’ll be keeping you up to date with the repair work before next weekend’s BDC round at Donington Park…

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11 Responses to Driftworks S15 repair: Part 1

  1. Good luck getting it all back together guys! I’m pretty sure the offset was more negative before!

  2. Yeah good luck. My heart sank when I saw this crash yesterday. Hope she’s back in action soon.

  3. BTCC wheel tuck. Word.

  4. Good luck with the repairs!

  5. Aw crap… Just checking in for news on yesterdays event and see this. Shitter. I’ll cross a few virtual spanners for you.

  6. its sad to see such a great and rare car to b crashed. Well, work on it guys, good luck.

  7. Thanks people, don’t worry, we’ll fix it.
    We’re hoping to have it sorted and back out for BDC this weekend :)

  8. Goodluck guys

  9. all the best pals……..

  10. cant wait to see it back in action, keep us posted, love the videos and pics

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