Very random: Results of SmoothFM in the workplace

Yes, it’s a random and potentially rubbish post to put on the front page of the worlds biggest drifting website, but I just found this on a random tape, and well…I thought it was pretty funny :D

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10 Responses to Very random: Results of SmoothFM in the workplace

  1. This is kind of tapes you should be posting. Its nice to see real people behind driftworks, its nice to see the spirit.

  2. there is a constant battle in our workshop between smooth , a dodgy local station and Radio one , often resulting in the same kind of scream , and a bit of take that Kareoke

  3. LOL I loved the really bad duet singing at the end!!! I’ll hire you :D But I’m only prepared to pay £1. Deal?

  4. Do you employ new people? Im thinking about leaving my country for a while, maybe come to England for some time. :D

  5. No deal. Im worth more solo, nevermind as a duet act.

  6. LOL i love it!

  7. funny! you should make more random videos, make good use of that badass Canon 5D!!

  8. Minnie Riperton is awesome.

    That is all.

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