So the smoke has cleared…

With Awesomefest having been finished for near on a month, the sheer amount of media from the event has been huge. Countless blog features and some frankly amazing short films have captured what many people consider to be the best automotive event within the UK – Not bad for it’s first run. Those who didn’t attend now know what they missed and the boys in the Driftworks office have scope to make next year even more amazing, so much so you can now buy tickets for the 2012 Awesomefest event in the Driftworks shop. Support them by buying your tickets early – Not only do you get a discount, but it shows you’re a boss.

Part of the Awesomefest excitement for me was the traveling to get there – Being based in Scotland meant a 400 mile race convoy with everything from MX5 to M5s

Arriving at Mallory Park it was quick to see what was in store as people flew down the hairpin on Huffy Sliders with most spending as much time sliding on their face as on the sliders themselves, it was pretty refreshing to be able to come to an event without health and safety being the foremost concern.

Friday night disappeared in a blurry mess pretty quickly and i woke up surprisingly late to the noise of cars attacking Gerrards corner, something i had heard lots about but had yet to appreciate in person. Watching the action to try find the best places to stand for photos i realised one thing – You need to go in hard! Throwing the car in with nothing but full commitment more often than not ends up in a dirt drop into the run-off.


One of the things that surprised me was the speed required to carry on through a lot of the corners, even Edwinas – A right/left kink takes a fair bit of speed

The highlight of Awesomefest for me was the 10pm Night Battles, the atmosphere during these was amazing. Something about the noise and drama caused by competition level cars (some with no lights!) being piloted in low light being chased by an M3 was awesome

There is only so much that can be said for such an amazing event, so I’ll end it here and let you look at pictures. They’re considerably more interesting than me ranting on anyway!

Huge thanks to Richard Reid/Scadden/JDMy0/Driftworks & Everyone who attended for making this the best event i, and I’m sure most of you have attended. Next year can’t come soon enough!

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  1. nice pictures man! thnx!

  2. Wicked write-up! Thanks for the kind words :)

  3. Braw write up Garydot

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