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Vents, Ducts & Scoops

Vents, Ducts & Scoops

  1. Universal Bonnet Vent

    Universal Bonnet Vent

    Driftworks Universal Bonnet Vent

    The Driftworks universal bonnet vent is a good solution for keeping engine bay temps down, providing extra ventilation and giving your car's bonnet an aggressive style.

    Measuring 86cm wide by 100cm long,  the bonnet vent comes with the vents themselves uncut, giving you the option to use it purely for style or as a functional vent.


    Please note that these vents may require additional preperation when installing.

    £75.00 Inc VAT
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  2. Carbon Fibre Roof Scoop

    Carbon Fibre Roof Scoop

    We're proud to offer this amazing hand built Carbon Fibre Roof scoop. One downside to building a serious track car is the heat in-car, removing sound insulation, carpets and interior trim is great for weight saving, not so great for heat. This roof scoop provides a fantastic, safe solution to keeping in-car temperatures down on track without getting you in trouble for having your windows open!
    £252.00 Inc VAT
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