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The life's blood of your car. From engine oils to gear fluid. The important stuff is all here. We offer high performance lubricants to suit all applications. After all, cars get thirsty too!
  1. Titan Race Gear LSD Oil 90LS by Fuchs (Silkolene)

    Titan Race Gear LSD Oil 90LS by Fuchs (Silkolene)

    This Titan Race Gear 90LS oil is specifically designed for use in high performance (plated) limited slip differentials (LSDs)
    This includes the LSDs fitted to cars like the BMW and Toyota Corolla as well as aftermarket LSDs like Kaaz, Cusco, TRD, OS Giken

    These are 1litre bottles, most LSDs take around 1.5 litres.

    Note - although people have used this oil in Nismo LSDs without any problems, Nismo recommend that a synthetic oil is used instead.

    Please note: Due to restrictions by our couriers, we are not able to send oil outside of the UK.

    £9.00 Inc VAT
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  2. ATE TYP200 Racing Brake Fluid

    ATE TYP200 Racing Brake Fluid

    We've tried lots of brake fluids in own own track, drift and road cars over the years and have not found anything better. We all run this brake fluid in our daily drivers that get taken on track and when combined with Carbon Lorraine RC5+ or RC6 brake pads help create an affordable fade free combination for your car.

    • Typical Dry Boiling Point : 280 Degrees C. (536 Degrees F.)
    • Minimum Wet Boiling Point : 198 Degrees C. (388 Degrees F.)

    *This is a replacement for ATE Super Blue due to new regluations in the US. Exactly the same fluid, just without the blue colouring.

    £14.69 Inc VAT
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  3. Motul 300v Competition 15w50 Motor Oil - 2 Litres

    Motul 300v Competition 15w50 Motor Oil - 2 Litres

    Motul 300v 15w50.

    In our opinion simply the best racing lubricant for performance engines, and the only engine oil you will find in our 720bhp competition car.

    100% Synthetic – Double Ester Technology

    We doubled the time and mileage between services by moving to 300v in our race cars.


    £36.00 Inc VAT
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  4. Redline MT90 Gearbox Oil

    Redline MT90 Gearbox Oil

    MT90 is one of the most well respected gearbox oils out there, and can be found in the vast majority of our competition and road cars.

    Each bottle is 1 quart, which equals exactly 0.94635295 litres.

    Please check your user manuals for exact amount required for your gearbox, but for reference a standard SR20DET gearbox requires around 2.5 bottles

    £18.48 Inc VAT
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  5. Redline Water Wetter

    Redline Water Wetter

    Redline Water Wetter breaks down surface tension in the coolant to greatly improve heat transfer.
    It provides better thermal conductivity, avoids hot spots and vapour bubble formation, and helps quicker engine warm up.

    Knocked around 5 degrees off the full load water temperatures on our S14

    £15.18 Inc VAT
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  6. Titan Race Pro S 10w50 Engine Oil (Previously Silkolene)

    Titan Race Pro S 10w50 Engine Oil (Previously Silkolene)

    Full synthetic high performance engine oil.
    Combines exceptional anti-wear performance and outstanding high temperature protection with excellent cold start characteristics.
    Suitable for use in turbocharged and normally aspirated high performance petrol and diesel engines.


    • API SH, SJ, SL, CF
    • ACEA A3, B3
    • HTHS 5.11mPas 

    From: £12.00 Inc VAT

    To: £55.00 Inc VAT

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  7. Evans Power Cool 180

    Evans Waterless Engine Coolants

    • Boiling Point: Above 180°C. Antifreeze Properties: Protects below -40°C
    • Benefits: Improves Combustion, Maximizes BHP, Prevents Boil-Over
    • Corrosive Properties: Eliminates corrosion and erosion
    • Life Span: Protects for life
    • Toxicity: Non-Toxic

    The prep fluid is required to hygroscopically absorb any water-based coolant remaining in the coolant system before filling with Evans Power Cool.; Typical Example coolant capacities from dry are 6.2L for SR20DET, 9L for RB25DET, 8L for 1JZ-GTE. All engine capacities can usually be found using Google.

    From: £25.99 Inc VAT

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