Drift Gift - Drifting Experience, Drift Tuition

Try your skills at the very same track that BDC and EDC (British and European championship) drivers Practice Track Time On The Track you will learn the following skills with a Pro Driver in our fully race prepared Japanese drift cars.

Drifting, Car Control, Corner To Corner Braking, Drifting Techniques (Braking Drift, E-Brake, Feint Drift, Heel And Toe, Power Over, Swaying Brake Drift). The object of drifting is to manoeuvre your car through corners at speeds and angles beyond it 's ability to grip the track.

What's included
This is an event mainly targeted at drift beginners OR people wanting a first hand drift experience or just a fun filled day, giving basic theories and knowledge on drifting.

Intermediate level drifters can also participate in the drift practice session, and still receive ride-along lessons from the instructors, professional drifters on hand to offer passenger rides and tips ...all day long.

Lydd International Raceway - Kent
North Weald Airfield - Essex
How long does this Drift Experience last
Full day

10am till 12.30pm
1.30pm till 4.00pm
Approx 5 hours on track, 2 hours Driving time.

Half Day

Either 10am till 12.30pm
or 1.30pm till 4.00pm
Does not include briefing times. 1 hours driving and plenty off passenger rides, safety briefing as normal. Available morning or afternoon session.

Duration Prices
Full Day 299
Half Day 150

When You Can Go
All year round ...OVER 200 DATES AVAILABLE, Mostly at North weald Essex, Lydd days are limited and pre-booking by 4 weeks is advised, subject to avaiablity.

On purchasing this experience you will receive a voucher valid for 12 months. To book please call 07506 677567. A full UK drivers licence is required to take part in this activity.

You must also be fit, able bodied and 17 year of age or over.

There are a maximum of 12 drivers per course, with 2/3 driver per vehicle.

Pre-booking is essential. Corporate days catered for. Dates available, weekdays only, days available all year round.

Dress code
Long pants (non flammable material), Shoes, Everyday joggers will do. No shorts or 3/4 trousers, or T-Shirts

What we supply
Drift cars! Tyres, Fuel, Lunch and snacks throughout the day. Photos. Certificate of completion. (not certification of approved) Video, and overall a fun filled day enjoyed by yourself.

What car will you drive
You will drive a fully prepped drift car, Nissan turbo powered Rear Wheel Drive
Drift Car with limited slip differential. Cars available are Cefiro, Silvia PS13 & 200sx.

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