Hi guys and girls,

We've put together some rules and guidelines of what to do when using the For Sale and Wanted sections on the forum, please ensure you read these before using the sections.

  • Why can't i post in the For Sale sections?
  • The different sale sections.
  • Advert rules for Cars.
  • Advert rules for Wheels and Parts.
  • Information for users buying parts.
  • Information for users selling parts.
  • I think i've been ripped off, what can i do?

  • Who can post in the Sales section
We have a rule set up on the 'private for sale' sections of this forum. This rule will not allow new users to post in the for sale section until they have been registered for 14 days and have made at least 30 posts elsewhere on the forum.

Why is that? We’re a friendly bunch here at Driftworks, and we want people to come and join in with our little community. So come and introduce yourself, join in with some threads. You never know, you might like it! Unfortunately not everybody wants to join in the fun, and prefer just to use sites like ours to peddle their goods. There are plenty of places where you can do this, so we prefer to restrict access in this way.

  • The different sections
What are the sections for then?

We’ve tried to make the layout as self-explanatory as possible, but in case you really really don’t get it, here’s what it’s all about.
Drift cars for sale – in here you’ll find drift cars being privately sold by Driftworks members. Everything from starter cars to competition winners. Strictly drift cars only in this section.
Parts for sale – Everything you could possibly need, and plenty you probably don’t. Bits and pieces for drift cars.
Wheels and Tyres – This cryptically titled forum is where you can buy and sell all your wheels and tyres.
Misc for sale – Got something cool for sale which isn’t a drift car, bits for a drift car, or wheels for a drift car? This is the place for you. Awesome stuff only please!
Wanted – After something which you can’t find in any of the For Sale threads? Try asking for it here. You never know..
Ebay – Post links to your eBay sales here. Don’t forget to include the whole URL in your post so people can click through to your items.

  • Advert Rules for Cars.
When you post an advert, please make sure you adhere to the following guidelines.

You must include:
Description of the car

Pictures are recommended but optional

Try to make your description as concise as possible. Remember that cars sold privately are still bound by the Sale of Goods Act, which means they must be accurately described and must mention any faults which the buyer should know about. Avoid including unrelated information such as what you intended to do with it, why you owned it, etc. If someone wants to know the history of why you’re selling it, they can ask you in the thread or by PM.
If the car being advertised has a project or build thread associated with it, this may be linked in your advert however this is not sufficient as a description.
You must not post adverts which don’t include a price, which includes ‘Gauging interest’ and ‘Offers’ threads. If you are looking for a swap or a part exchange, please be very clear about what you are looking for, and include a price regardless. If you have parts for sale which are related to the car but are being sold separately, these should be posted in their own thread. A link may be included to your parts for sale thread in your car advert.

  • Advert rules for Wheels and Parts
When you post an advert, please make sure you adhere to the following guidelines.

You must include:
Description of the item

Pictures are recommended but optional

As with car adverts, privately sold items advertised on forums are bound by the sale of goods act. You must ensure that the description is accurate, and the condition is as described. Again, adverts must include a price and cannot simply ask for offers.

  • I'm about to buy something off a Driftworks user, what should i check before sending money?
Be sensible, you're effectively sending money to a stranger!

Research the user, check their Driftworks profile and previous posts, ask them for their real name, contact number and if possible an address.
If it puts your mind at rest call them and speak to them.

DO NOT use bank transfer, you have pretty much no come back.
Use Paypal and never send via Gift, Paypal charge for sending money so YOU have a come back if there are issues.

  • I'm selling something on Driftworks, how can i make sure it goes smoothly?
Give a good description of what you're selling and take lots of pictures. Try to name a price of the items you have for sale, and when creating the thread put a short description or list of a few of the main parts you are selling in the thread title.

Ensure you can send the parts out shortly after recieving money for them, don't sell if you don't have time to send the bits out! In some cases however, delays may be unavoidable. If you think you may be delayed in sending an item, let the buyer know.

We recommend only offering postage with a tracking number, that way you have proof of sending. Send items without a tracking number at your own risk.

  • I think I've been ripped off, what can I do?
If something has gone wrong with a transaction, you should resolve this directly with the buyer/seller. If Paypal was used for the transaction, you can begin the dispute process via the Paypal website.

Driftworks accepts no responsibility for any private sales conducted through our forum. We will not pursue individuals on your behalf, and cannot release information about people, even if you think they're scamming people. We will of course be happy to co-operate with any formal investigations by the authorities.

In some circumstances, where it is clear that an individual is using our site for illegal purposes, we will remove their access to some or all of the forums. This is only in exceptional circumstances, and should be reported directly to a member of the moderating team by PM.

Under no circumstances should you start threads on any forum accusing individuals of scamming or ripping people off. These threads will be deleted without notification.