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    Fantastisch om te lezen dat alles naar wens is verlopen. proficiat met de cijfers! grtz Dieter

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    Steve did a fine job on my VG30DETT

    The car was running on a cookie cutter EPROM and while ran okay, power felt anemic. After the tuning session, I could tell a significant lift had been given to the power curve throughout all rpm's. Much more punch and a very flat linear power delivery characteristic of what the VG30DETT puts out on OEM turbos. Thanks again Steve!

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    Steve did a great job tuning my 1jz-gte vvti in my lexus is200. He made no problem about answering any questions I had, and always had an answer when I E-mailed him.
    Car drives much better, faster response better drivability and a nice result on the dyno aswell.

    Will do business with Steve again for sure when I need to get it tuned again.

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    Just rebuilt my SR20 DET (S14a)...fairly high spec engine inc gas flowed head, forged pistons etc.

    Running lumpy as hell so went for the Nistune from Steve.

    The difference was huge, pretty much changed it completely. I can actually enjoy driving now! Nice one Steve. Will give you a shout when I get bigger injectors and stuff.

    Also add that I always get a reply to my email or text.


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    After 3 months of searching for a problem in my turbo Altezza i decided to take it to Steve. The car was running lumpy, way too rich, almost un-drivable.
    Within 20 minutes he had the car pushing 40hp more than it came in with!! The engine response improved massively and the second part of the 400mile round trip was spent with a massive grin on my face! Not only it is pushing more power, but the fuel consumption has gone down massively!
    Also for a couple of months prior to the remap, Steve gave very helpful advice which helped get the car prepped.

    Definitely going to be dealing with Steve from now on.

    Thanks alot Steve, you did an amazing job!


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    would like to thank Steve for his amazing work on mapping my s14a, its now smooth running and a joy to drive after 8 months of problems. look forward to meeting you again once i get the new parts.

    highly highly recomended and will always return txt and emails quickly.

    thanks again Steve

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    Been running a nistune on my 180sx fitted and mapped by steve for 2 yrs problem free. Spec was sr20det, t28, ebc, air filter, exhaust, fmic. Basically, stage 1.

    Just had it remapped by steve after upgrading to a 2871r with tial 38mm gate, 740's and z32.

    Made 381hp @ flywheel and 396lbft.

    Very pleased with the results its a very smooth power delivery and pulls like a train!

    Always use steve and recommend him to anyone after a proper tune

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    Hi everyone!
    i have finally mapped my Toyota MR2 turbo thanks Steve
    It was very good see car on the dyno getting mapped for the first time. I was excited yet nervous at the same time, but Steve told me not to worry many times as he had done all the checks on the car before the mapping.
    Compression was Amazing on the car 11bar in every cylinder
    anyways i want to thank Steve and his team for the mapping and superb customer services. He's NOT a penny pincher, he is very helpful and will always give good advice any time.
    anyone wanting their cars mapped go see Steve and you won't be disappointed!
    Awesome Mapper and a genuinely good guy!
    The car figures are nice good and very safe
    306bhp @ flywheel
    259bhp @ wheels
    297lbs/ft of torque
    17psi of boost
    Many Thanks Steve!
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    Steve mapped my S14a SR20DET.

    Before my appointment he was very helpful and gave me a list of items to buy. I purchased the nistune package and 2 hours later I went away with 380bhp!

    He really does know his stuff.


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    dorifto kingu!
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    Last week we got let down on the mapping on a customers car by another tuner who had the car for nearly a week and still hadnt done the work on it With the lad wanting to use the car in ODC on the Sunday and bearing in mind it was Fri when we were starting to panic I had a think who we could ask for help..

    I remembered vistiting Steve a few years back and what a good job he did then, especially with my mates rather troublesome massive power Glanza. Steve really went the extra mile back then so thought it was worth a try!

    Understanding the importance of getting the car onto the start line of the competition 2 days later, Steve fitted us in last minute and even worked through his lunch break to fit the car in for mapping.

    Excellent results, excellent service and a really good guy to deal with. In hindsight I cant beleive I started using someone else just because they were more local!!

    Matt, said his car not only feels much more powerful but also more responsive and the power delivery is perfect for his driving style.

    Top work, Steve, see you again soon

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    Gooo west....
    Just sayin - my car was mapped by Steve when it first came into UK, 4 years later, Still Getting nuts power out of a T25g, engine still same compression - 4 years of trouble free hooning and the advance and support even now is still great.


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    my s13 ca18 was mapped now over 1 year ago here in germany. car still running without any problems.
    325bhp with a gt2560r on ca18 @1.2bar
    hope to get my brothers s14 mapped by him next year.

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    touge runner
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    Time to bring this Testimonial thread alive again!

    A massive thank you to Steve and his team who have supported me with my tune.

    Steve gave me product advise, in depth discussions on his mapping experience and techniques. It was soo nice to talk to someone who shares such interest and passion in building and tuning cars. A man of his word and a man with a serious commitment to customer service. I brought Steve my S14 last night, after a great evening with a successful tune, I left with a car that felt soo much happier! the performance is exactly what I asked for, let alone the new found decent fuel economy!.

    Steve goes the extra mile with his work and his customers until everyone is happy. Im definately going to recommend him to my friends and others.

    Thank you again Steve, im sure ill see you in the future! Rob.

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    Steve has been friendly and helpful from the offset, from helping me decide on parts and management to me driving my car home off the dyno. He always has time and patience to help work out niggles, of which I had many on my first dyno session! (go for the pre-checks first!) After rectifying any problems we identified the second session was slick and efficient and I'm buzzing with the result!
    R32 gtst rb20det with gtr injectors, z32 maf, hybrid rb25 turbo saw my car at 370hp! 😁

    Would and definitely hope to use Steve again.


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    North London
    Always had good service from Steve. Must have spent several hours over the 9 months prior to going ahead with mapping and he was always helpful before being a customer and after.

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