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Fuel Pumps

Fuel Pumps

Its all very well and good tuning your engine to squeeze every bit of power out of it...but if it can't supply the right amount of fuel to suit, its all going to end in tears. We stock both Bosch and Walbro fuel pumps for a range of applications, as well as a few accessories to help you on your way. Even if your not tuning your car, sometimes its worth replacing fuel supply parts just for peace of mind.
  1. Walbro 255LPH Uprated fuel pump

    Walbro 255LPH Uprated fuel pump - all makes and models.

    GENUINE Walbro GS 255LPH uprated fuel pump. Beware of cheaper items, there are a LOT of fakes on the market!
    These pumps are a great cost effective replacement for the standard units and are well up to the job of delivering the increased flow of fuel needed for a highly tuned engine. No need for remapping after fitting as the fuel pressure regulator will make sure the flow is correct for your car. We have used the Walbro 255LPH fuel pump on cars running over 400bhp. All kits include pump, wiring, filter & fitting kit. Some modifications to your housing/hanger may be required, but most are a 5 minute job.
    We stock a variety of popular fitments, but can get pumps for pretty much any car for both in tank and external fitting next day. Contact us for details if you don't see what you want!

    From: £79.99 Inc VAT

    To: £120.00 Inc VAT

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  2. Bosch 044 Fuel Pump Mounting Bracket

    Bosch 044 Fuel Pump Mounting Bracket

    The inline Bosch 044 fuel pump is one of the most popular fuel pump upgrades in the world for medium to high power applications. This alloy mounting bracket makes installation a breeze, helping create a smart, tidy installation. Comes with rubber sleeve for noise supression.


    £39.50 Inc VAT
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  3. Bosch 044 Fuel Pump

    Bosch 044 Fuel Pump

    If you're aiming for serious power then you'll need a serious fuel pump. The Bosch 044 will provide enough fuel to support in excess of 600bhp without breaking a sweat, with the usual superb Bosch build quality.

    Combine 2 pumps to support in excess of 1000bhp!!

    £180.00 Inc VAT
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  4. Bosch 044 Fuel Pump Fitting Kit

    Bosch 044 Fuel Pump Fitting Kit

    This fitting kit allows easy fitting of the Bosch 044 fuel pump.


    • 1 x Inlet Adaptor
    • 1 x 12mm push on inlet fitting
    • 1 x -8 inlet fitting
    • 1 x 8mm push on output fitting
    £29.52 Inc VAT
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  5. Walbro 450 lph Competition In Tank Fuel Pump Kit

    Walbro 450 lph Competition In Tank Fuel Pump Kit

    Out performs all current in-tank fuel pumps, we have seen these used in excess of 500hp!

    Kit includes pump, wiring, filter sock and a small section of fuel hose.

    £132.00 Inc VAT
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  6. Walbro 400 lph Competition In Tank Fuel Pump Kit
    £110.00 Inc VAT
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