Air Lift - Pressure (3P) To Height (3H) Upgrade

Air Lift - Pressure (3P) To Height (3H) Upgrade

Part No: AIRLIFT-27705

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For use with Air Lift 3P management ONLY. This kit includes all necessary sensors and wiring to give you the ability of having both pressure and height control.

Kit includes:

  • Includes rotational height sensors, wiring, and linkages
  • All necessary hardware also included
  • Everything needed to add height based adjustability to your 3P management system


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With roots back to 1949, Air Lift performance was started in Lansing, Michigan by Claude Pemberton and Don Perkins. Their product was initially derived from the simple fact that post-war vehicles couldn't support heavy loads of luggage and people very well as this extra weight caused the suspension springs to sag badly. So, the Air Lift company was born and development began to build a suspension system that would support an overloaded vehicle while improving safety and handling. Air Lift's product development quickly moved onto more mainstream vehicles like pickup trucks and SUVs, with a focus on load support kits that assisted the driver when towing. Things then moved on further for the company during the late '90s with their Easy Street division that focused on more lowered custom vehicles giving people lowered stance and the ability to raise their car over obstacles. Air Lift had created yet another revolutionary product for the car aftermarket and since then have gone on to sell thousands of kits for a whole host of cars. Many think that their products are solely for stance cars or low riders but that couldn't be further from the truth. Through countless years of continued development and testing, Air Lift now features on a wide range of track car setups too. Versatility and quality have always been Air Lift's focus and with so many options to choose from alongside a highly regarded reputation, you can see why they are the No.1 air suspension manufacturer.


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