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This is the 11th episode of the mental Lamborghini Murcielago build & we’re really starting to see how it might end up after this insane amount... more.
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We’re still long overdue the main walkaround video of this car that I promised. But this video leads us into that nicely as I collect it... more.
I decided to invest in a set of Reiter Engineering LMGT1 Murcielago headers for my increasingly more out of control LP640. We also work out the... more.
Starkey talks to Craig from Dynotorque next door about the recently (nearly) finished Porsche Cayman LS3 V8 conversion. We’ve had loads of requests for more Craig... more.
Lot’s of engineering in this episode! I walk you through the complicated Egear to manual transmission conversion process on my LP640 Murcielago. I’ve only ever been... more.
Independent Throttle Bodies on a V12 LP640 Murcielago? Yep! In this second part of the build: Check out how we went about custom building an ITB... more.
Phil talks us through his 2019 plans for the LP640. Manual conversion & independent throttle body conversion with aftermarket management is the idea! It’s all a... more.
Want to improve the handling experience in your MX-5 ? Destroy or Die front and rear drop knuckles for the MX-5 mk1/mk2 can give you just... more.
Big Country Labs X Driftworks now European Distributor
Driftworks are now the European distributor for Big Country Labs, hundreds of wings in stock ready for dispatch. https://www.driftworks.com/big-country-labs/ Related Posts New European distributor for NRG!... more.
E36 MonoPro True Rear Coilovers – Back in Stock!
  For the HSD E36 Monopro kit we offer a true rear conversion at an additional cost, moving the spring from the rear trailing arm mounting... more.
At last, a solution for low track cars or even just slammed cars running a regular manly static coilover setup! THIS IS NOT AIR RIDE! It’s... more.
Driftworks owner Phil Morrison shows us the difference in volume & sound on his V10 Powered E46 M3 fitted with an exhaust control valve – From... more.
Which would you drive in a battle? Which one should have which engine? What is the difference between each car? Should we even bother repairing it?... more.
Job: DevOps Engineer with PHP
Are you a coding expert with skills in data manipulation and automation who’s looking to work in-house for a dynamic company in the automotive sector, where... more.
We got invited to the Retro Rides big weekender at Goodwood to do some drifting and generally have a nice time with all the awesome cars.... more.
How did we make the DriftWave video? A small insight into director Al Clarks vision, and how we created a one of a kind advert for... more.
Rejoice car fans for the future of car part shopping is here at www.driftworks.com . Thanks to the introduction of the microchip, we have turned shopping... more.
Driftworks hits the last ever Rockingham Meihan Drift Day
Related Posts Drift Tengoku Vol.59 – Meihan Team Battle! READ NOW Press Release: Drifting hits it big in Vegas READ NOW Smash! Smash! Smash! The 2JZ... more.
Rich loses his S-Body virginity!
With Rich selling his Driftworks BMW E36 M3 he jumped into Phils SR20 powered Nissan S15 fun practice car for the final round of the British... more.
Last drive for the mad DW86? – 2018 BDC finals
Rockingham Raceway is unfortunately closing, so we got the 700hp Driftworks Toyota Corolla out for the final round of the 2018 British Drift Championship for a... more.
They broke my S15 + Shouting – DW Shorts
My first go in the Driftworks S15 since the rebuild, & since Teammates Martin, Tess & Rich all drove it before me, they obviously all broke... more.
Phil Morrisons first ever run up the Shelsley Walsh hill & what better car to learn a track in than his highly modified RWB Porsche Turbo... more.
Nothing Like A Little Pressure…
it’s been a strange season, that’s for sure! Track Closures, Exploding engines and the BDC changing hands just to name a few things. No one could... more.
Nothing Like A Little Pressure…
it’s been a strange season, that’s for sure! Track Closures, Exploding engines and the BDC changing hands just to name a few things. No one could... more.
Phil’s still distracted with the Driftworks E30 M3 Track Project, and his new Promodet 964Turbo, so the lads get stuck into tubbing the front arches as... more.
The DW32 – The Refresh for 2018
It seems before any round of competitive motorsport there is always an ever expanding list of jobs to do with an ever decreasing amount of time... more.
We’re back. Or we will be!.. Sorry for disappearing for a while, we’ve been mentally busy with the ever expanding animal that is Driftworks Ltd. Never... more.
Starkey ventures to Richard Grindrods workshop and chats to him about his 2017 Drift season in the final of our Team Driftworks season reviews. We also... more.
We’ve been away getting fat over Christmas. So we thought we’d have a quick catch up on 2018 plans and projects at Driftworks. It’s all a... more.
DW86 Complete Build Thread / Timeline. DRIFTWORKS V8 NASCAR AE86
The ASCAR Prepping Throttle Bodies Fire up Arches Paint Build Up Dynotune Smoke Autosport Burnout Dry sump Drift Finished PostSeason Spec DW86 Meets the ASCAR So... more.
Driftworks 2013 Build: The Start
So many people have been asking what we’re doing, since we recently sold the DWS15. So here you go! This is our plan: An AE86, that’s... more.
Snapshot: DWHQ RC Drift course takes shape
Remote Control Drifting within Driftworks has taken another little step today with construction beginning on the Driftworks HQ Course. Here’s a sneak peek of Mitto testing... more.
Day In The Office: Part 36 – A return to the ‘norm’
It’s been a while since my last instalment of the ‘day in the office’ post, but there is one reason behind that. Driftworks HQ has been... more.

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