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We have just received news that the BDC (British Drift Championship) will now be the official feeder series for the EDC (Japanese Used European Drift Championship) in 2008.
This is great news and helps bring real structure to competitive drifting in the UK.

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Over to the BDC team for details of how the relationship works:

First of all, any driver that had a podium finish during the EDC during 2007 will not be eligible to compete in the BDC.

Any driver not achieving a podium position during the 2007 EDC season may forfeit their EDC licence and compete in the BDC. Once an EDC licence is forfeited, a driver can only regain this by competing in the BDC.

Working together, the BDC and EDC have agreed to use the BDC as the feeder series to gain entry to the EDC.

This applies to the BDC Pro class only.

The winner from all six rounds of the BDC will be given a free wild card entry in to the following round of the EDC.

If the winning driver chooses not to compete in the EDC, the second placed driver will be offered the opportunity to compete, if that driver chooses not to compete then the third placed driver will be offered the place. If all three podium positioned drivers choose not to compete, the place will not be offered to any other driver.

A driver will be allowed 2 wild card entries per season and they will not be given to the same driver for consecutive rounds.

If a driver wins a wild card entry position for two events is succession, the wild card entry will be passed down the next eligible driver as long as that driver is in a podium position.

If a driver achieves a podium position at an EDC event they will have to remain in the EDC.

If a BDC driver gains a top 8 position (not including a podium position) at an EDC event, they will be offered a full EDC licence; however these drivers then have to choose to complete in either the remaining BDC or the EDC series.

If a driver decides to compete in the remaining rounds of the EDC, the driver, if having paid for a full BDC campaign, they will receive a full refund for the outstanding rounds.

Any driver achieving a top 3 position in the EDC will not be eligible to compete in the BDC in 2009.

The overall winner of the BDC will be given a wild card entry in to the final round of the EDC in Poland plus a full EDC licence for 2009.

BDC overall second and third place drivers will receive provisional licence for round 1 of the EDC in 2009.

The BDC will financially help the driver competing in Poland to help cover travelling costs.

Many thanks

The BDC team

BDC S15 drifting car

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