Japfest Driftworks Demonstrations 08


Japfest Driftworks Demonstrations

Japfest is without a doubt one of our favourite events in the calendar, and with the rain holding off this year, it made it one of the best ever..

We bought 12 drivers with us to do the Driftworks Drifting Demonstrations.

James Robinson Driftworks R32

Dan Chapman Driftworks S13

Chris Parry AE86

Julian Smith R32

Dave Walbrin R32

Julie Robinson R32

Steve Carter S13

Mitch Clarke S13

James Hudson R32

Tom Yates R32

Chris Bradbury S13

Anthony Cahill S13

We were really hard pushed to get the cars to pass the heavily enforced noise restrictions with 10 of the 12 cars failing initially. But with a little help from the on site silencer shop (on to a winner there) We had all the cars passed and ready for some track action..

Castle Combe was a new circuit to most of the drivers, so I asked them to take it easy in the first demo session and learn the track. So out they went, and carnage ensued. They ripped up the track, and in some cases ripped some bits off their cars.. It’s all part of the game with drifting though, so upon return to the pits, out came the big hammers, and any damage was ‘patched’ ready for the second session.

This was a session for the passenger runs for competition winners. Sky Insurance had two competition winners, and Japfest had a few.. The guys and girls were now totally on form, and put on a great show whilst scaring the crap out of those strapped into the opposite seat. The rain held off thankfully, which meant the speeds were really high, and the guys were pushing hard. It made for a fantastic smoke show, and some really close twin and triple drifting at times.

Well done to all the drivers, and thanks to all the spectators for your support. We’ll see you again next year.


Professional Drifting

Drifting S13

Professional Drifting

Professional Drifting

Professional Drifting

Professional Drifting

Professional Drifting

Drifting D1

Driftcar EDC

Driftcar EDC

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