JDM Allstars Driftcast

JDM Allstars

The JDM Allstars Driftcast is fast becoming known as one of the best video presentations of drifting in the world.
This latest video pushes the boundries even further for european drifting.

This episode covers the JDM Allstars/Prodrift Finals at Lydden Hill. It may look like there’s some repeated footage between Driftworks Phil Morrison, and TDP’s James Deane, but that was the epic battle for the final that ended up being 6 runs.

When asked what the idea behind the JDM Driftcast is, Al from Trackday Films said:

The purpose of the Driftcast is to show the world just how good the UK is at what we do. We want to show UK drifting is at the top of it’s game on an international level. I’m sure¬†everyone will agree that the standard of driving and showmanship has gone through the roof this last year, and is still getting noticeably better each round.

The JDM Allstars is out to bring Drifting to the masses, so that drivers get the huge support and following our American and Japanese cousins get. Hopefully with each Driftcast we are a step closer.

JDM Allstars Driftcast – Vol.2 Ep.01 from Trackday Films on Vimeo.

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