Introducing HSD Europe

We’re very proud to announce that Driftworks LTD now have a sister company.

Introducing HSD Europe. Suppliers of high quality, high performance, and incredible value coilover suspension solutions, for a vast array of vehicles.
For the past two years Driftworks Ltd have been solely responsible for introducing HSD coilovers to the European market in the form of the Driftworks Control System Range, made to our specifications by HSD.
Now, as the European distributers for HSD own brand coilovers, HSD Europe are able to offer this unrivalled product for an even larger range of vehicle fitments, at factory direct prices.


HSD Monopro Coilovers.

In stock in the UK for:

Nissan 200sx S13, S14, S15. 180sx and Silvia’s also covered.
Nissan Skyline R32 GTSt, R32GTR, R33 GTSt, R33 GTR, R34 GTT, R34 GTR
Nissan 350z
Mazda MX5
Mazda RX7 FC and FD
Toyota Aristo JZS147 and JZS161
Toyota Supra Mk4
Toyota Soarer
Toyota Altezza
Lexus IS200
Lexus GS300 Mk1 and Mk2
Mitsubishi Evo 5, 6, 7, 8

The HSD monopro coilover is exactly what the performance tuning scene has been cry out for. No longer do you have to accept an inferior/compromised product when spending less than £1000 on coilover suspension.
The HSD HR has been specced by HSD Europe, for our roads, and tracks, with the knowledge and experience gained by HSD Europe using the now world famous Driftworks Control System Coilover made by HSD.

Many people are familiar with the Driftworks CS1 coilover, and it’s achievements in competition across the world. The HSD HR now distributed by HSD Europe is actually built to exactly the same specification as the Driftworks CS1, just distributed under the HSD factorys own brand, as HSD Europe are now also able to offer the same high quality coilover solution for front wheel drive, and four wheel drive applications.

At a glance:

Oversized Inverted* Monotube coilovers, ideal for fast road, track and drift. Featuring
very high quality damping and a wide range of height, camber* and damping adjustment.


Damping adjustment
16 Stage damping adjustment allows quick, easy and accurate control of the damping so you can tune it to suit your style and setup.
Top mounts
Anodised Aluminium top mounts with integrated heavy duty noise-free pillowball bearings all round.
Wide range of camber adjustment available on the strut models.

Monotube Dampers
Oversized, Monotube dampers with 44mm short-stroke pistons.
Inverted on strut models for extra strength.
Cold-wound chrome silicon steel coil springs with a heavy duty powdercoat finish.

Rubber Booted
Heavy duty protective rubber shock boots to keep the damper cylinder dirt free and happy.

DuraCoat threaded section
Special corrosion resistant coating on the threaded shock body.
Fully threaded for maximum adjustability.
Perches and Lock nuts
Strong and lightweight anodized aluminum spring perches and lock nuts.

Height Adjustment
A comprehensive range of height adjustment available without affecting the spring pre-load or damper stroke length.
Strong steel lower brackets
Strong steel lower brackets with anti corrosion coating and integrated brake pipe fittings specifically for your car.


Why are only some models camber adjustable?
With strut type suspension like on the front of an S13, S14, S15 Silvia or AE86 Corolla, the damper is an integral part of the suspension structure. This means that changes in the damper position can change the camber and castor angles of the front suspension. Where this is applicable, our front coilovers include camber adjustment. In all applications where camber can only be controlled by adjustable suspension arms, non adjustable pillowball top mounts are used.

What are the spring rates?
Spring rates for S13, S14, S15 and R32 GTS Skyline are 8kgf/mm front and 6kgf/mm rear. You will find that they give a more performance orientated ride, without the terribly bouncy damping associated with cheap low quality coilover kit’s using equivelent spring rates. We have tested them for track and road use, and find these spring rates to be ideal.

Are these available for any other cars?
What we have listed is the applications that are currently stocked in the UK. However we are constantly designing applications for different models, so keep watching this space, or drop us an application request with the contact form.

How low will I be able to get my car with these coilovers?
There’s a wide range of height adjustment that will allow you to set your ride height anywhere between a subtle, sporty lowered stance to completely slammed on the floor.

I don’t know…. what if I’m not happy with them?
We’re so sure you’ll be impressed, that we’re offering a no quibble, 30 day money back guarantee with our coilovers. Contact us for more details on this.

What are Monotube dampers?
Most uprated or aftermarket dampers are twin-tube design with low pressure gas to try and keep the oil from foaming as the damper moves. The Monotube damper design uses much higher gas pressure to better stabilise the oil, even under extreme and prolonged use. Because of the larger capacity damper (approx 30% increase over stock) heat dissipation is also greatly improved.

Why are some applications inverted?
With strut type suspension like on the front of an S13, S14, S15 Silvia or AE86 Corolla, the damper is an integral part of the suspension structure and as such, sees very high lateral loads in multiple directions. With the conventional upright design, piston rods can bend and even snap under extreme loads. The inverted or upside-down Monotube design as used on our strut models has massively more lateral strength when compared to an upright setup, so is a lot more robust and geared up to cope with whatever you can throw at it. With most rear suspension and with double-wishbone type front suspension, (as on the Skyline) very little lateral forces are seen, so the conventional setup works fine there.

HSD Monopro Coilovers

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