The Driftworks 560bhp JZX81 Chaser FOR SALE

The Driftworks JZX81 Chaser NOW SOLD

This is a private sale by Ben Broke-Smith (Bonbon), Owner and driver of the car.

Ben can be contacted regarding the sale of this car here: or by telephone Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm 0845 869 2555. Enquiries outside of the UK are welcomed.

Details from Ben:
This is my famous EDC Championship Winning, Red Bull World Championship competing JZX81 Toyota Chaser, a model that was only made for about 12 months, nevermind modified to this extent. I’ve looked around all the Chaser drift cars around the world, including Tezuka’s, and I can confidently say this is the BEST JZX81 drift car in the world. There’s a lot of little mods I’ve made to this car to make it properly insane. The speed and traction it has are mental, if you wanted to (I didn’t) then you could strip it out properly, plexi windows, cut away some metal work, etc, then you could lose a couple of hundred KG and make it properly bonkers.

With 265/35/18 RS-R trackday tyres it will lay atomic smoke bombs in 4th around the slightest corner.

1990 JZX81 Chaser
1JZ-GTE engine
HKS 256 cams & adjustable cam gears
Garrett GT35R Turbo
Full 4″ custom exhaust system with 3″ downpipe
Turbosmart 50mm Progate external wastegate
Modified top mount tubular exhaust manifold.
Sard 800 cc injectors
Modified stock fuel rail (~10mm ID)
Driftworks fuel pressure regulator
Walbro in tank lift pump
Swirl pot
Bosch 044 fuel pump
10mm fuel line throughout.
4″ thick GTR intercooler
Driftworks oil cooler & relocation kit
Uprated twin core JZX100 radiator
Driftworks lightweight flywheel
Modified twin sprung SPEC Stage 3+ clutch
R154 5 speed gearbox
Modified rocker covers for improved breathing
PowerFC engine management
560bhp & 510lb/ft torque @ 1.6 bar, running 1.8 bar now. (Dyno printout to back up)

Brand new custom made Driftworks Control System 2 coilovers
Roll center modifications, including front RCAs
Modified adjustable front suspension arms
Nissan S14 steering rack custom mounted with poly mounts
Fully reinforced, solid mounted rear subframe with full adjustable arm set
All stock bushes replaced with rosejoints or nolathan bushes
TRD lsd in 4.1 ratio Mk3 Supra casing with modified diff mounting (4 bolt)
Solid linked arbs
Literally every suspension component has been worked with to improve, the rear subframe geometry has been modified for more traction, I’ve thought about every aspect of this car’s handling. It goes around corners incredibly fast, fast enough to make me laugh and eaaasily carry more speed through the corners than the race instructors at Silverstone…in a massive 4 door saloon.

R33 GTST front calipers, R32 GTR discs, Mintex 1144 pads, stock rear brakes with stock pads for handbrake bite
Hydraulic handbrake
Stock ABS & brake bias setup removed and adjustable bias valve fitted. Braided lines throughout.

Garage D one off bolt in roll cage
Lightly stripped interior
Foam filled reinforced chassis
Air con deleted
Stereo kept! – 8 speakers
Driftworks bucket seat and harnesses, passenger Recaro recliner and DW harness
Battery relocated to boot with approved kill switch
Full plumbed in fire extinguisher

Custom widearches
Full BN Sports aero kit
URAS Erobon bonnet vent
Other minor cosmetic changes to make it angrier looking
Rota Torque limited edition black chrome 18×9.5 wheels. Federal RS-R 245/35/18 front tyres, 265/35/18 rears.

Car came over pretty much as a club level drift car and pretty badass already, found blue paint under the brown paint it came with and then found some pictures of it being drifted in Japan when it was blue! So it’s had a hard old life!! Consistently been the fastest car in EDC for the last year or so!! Even though it’s the heaviest…

Seriously, seriously fast car!! Fast enough to scare the shit out of me every time I drive it.

This car WILL win competitions for a long time to come, I’m just selling up as I have a drive of the Driftworks R32 for next year and I can’t really justify keeping a car of this value.

When it arrives off the boat I’ll give it a full check over and sort anything that needs sorting, it’ll arrive ready to go.

Can provide it MOT’d and taxed if required, insurance is CHEAP because it’s so random.

I’m going to start at £17,000, if you’re seriously interested then I’m open to offers. Bear in mind this car is one of a kind, and literally has EVERYTHING done. With a set of big brakes it would be an absolutely incredible track day/time attack car, or exactly as it is it’s a properly mental international level competition car, or the most stupid road car ever seen.

PM me for my phone number and e-mail address. Serious offers considered. I’ll also consider an E36 M3 in p/x, as that’s what I want for a daily.

If I could justify the cost I’d sack off all my other cars and daily drive it, but it’s just too special.

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11 years ago

This is SICK!!! god damn, i want her… ;ooo***

7 years ago

How did u get to put R33 gtst caliper on R32 GTR Disc? do they fit perfectly or with some modifications?

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