JDM Allstars Round 2

JDM Allstars-BHP Show RD2 Event Report

A return to Lydden hill in kent after 2008’s season ending titanic battle was eagerly anticipated. For 2009 JDM All stars had teamed up with the BHP show to deliver JDM All stars round 2 and live demonstrations to the motor sport industry. Lots of new drivers again, and some big names missing due to schedules meant that Remo Niezen and Dan Chapman where the guys that would be fighting for the win on the Monday of the main show

Fresh from Round 2 Dan Chapman in the Driftworks PS13 enforced his hunger for round 2 with a breathtaking qualifying session and claiming pole.

Remmo Niezen , round 1 winner in the Falken E30 BMW claimed a close second, not showing any sign of slackening after his round 1 win. Bon bon claimed third in a usually fast and smoke filled run.

Few surprises in qualifying where Anthony Scott who missed the cut, Danny eyles  had mechanical problems and Sebastian Lepart who was also very close.All where very close but didn’t make the cut.

1    Dan Chapman          96    94
2    Remmo Niezen         94    88
3    Bon Bon                   92    80
4    Steve Evans              90    84
5    Ben Horne                89    83
6    Frank Van Heeren      87    86
7    Declan Hicks             87    83
8    Brad McQueen           87    82
9    Paul Vlasblom           86    75
10   Kawabata                 85    61
11   Matt Chiappa           85    60
12   Dave Monahan         84    74
13   Jon Bartholomew      83    75
14    Tom Yates              82    72
15    Jon Stevens            81    75
16    Sid Crowfoot            79    75

Sunday dawned and yet another challenging day at the lydden hill Circuit. All day demos for the BHP show kept the capacity crowd at the circuit entertained all day. This comprised of 4 x 15 minute demonstrations in front of the lydden hill crowd. In what can be described as the biggest ever drift demonstration in Europe, with 16 cars on track at once.

A smoke filled venue definitely was what the crowd came to see. Never ones to miss a show the drivers from the Netherlands started there usual train drifting with 3-4 cars joining in at one point with cars within an inch of each other.

To finish of the day would be the top 16 driver’s pf JDM All-stars who had qualified from the previous day. Some changes in the demonstrations where had when Tom Yates and Jon Barthomlew Collided in the demonstration session. All drivers where there to put on a show and some pushed too far.
Steve Evans engine expired in his Toyota Starlet and Team driftworks Driver Bon bons engine seized on one of the demo sessions.

So for the top 16 a few changes, Bon Bon was kindly lent the Japspeed/Stobart Nissan S15 for the battles, and Anthony Scott replaced Steve Evans.

Top 16

First Battle of the day where local heroes Dan Chapman in the Driftworks PS13 Vs Sid Crowfoot in the Toyota Chaser JZX 90.Chapman progressed to the great 8 after two strong drives.

New comers to the series Dave Monaghan was up next against Dave Horne. In what was a scrappy first battle was given in favor of Dave.
Next up was Paul Vlassbom who dispatched Brad McQueen, Anthony Scott and Jon Barthomew where up next where a spin sent Jon out and Anthony progressed.

Bon bon beat Tom Yates in a pretty straightforward battle and Declan Hicks and Remmo Niezen progressed to the great 8 after quite close battles.

Great 8

Chapman Vs Vlassbom
First up was Chapman Vs Vlassbom, both big names drivers and it was a shame they got drawn so early in the battles as both had the form to make the finals. Two really tight battles by both drivers, but Chapman lost ground in the final battle which gave vlassbom the edge.

Anthony Scott Vs Dave Monaghan
Anthony lead the first leg but got the advantage due to two straightens following. He retired from the next battle due to a puncture.

Van Heeren Vs Bon Bon
Van Heeren lead the first battle but got the advantage due to a straighten which was probably down to cold tyres.In the second leg Van heeren ran as close as possible to Bon Bon in the S15 and another strong run sent him into the Semi-Finals.

Niezen Vs Hicks
Remmo lead the first battle and it was evident from the off Remmos speed through the course in the Falken Tires E30.Hicks lead the next battle in his Maxxis Tires Toyota Soarer and got a slight advantage due to a mistake on entry but his first round run was enough to send him into the semi-finals.


Lasso Vs Anthony Scott

Vlassbom lead the first battle and was quick on entry, and Anthony couldn’t not maintain the speed of the Federal Tyres BMW.Scott lead the next battle and vlassbom was all over him on exit of the final corner made the overtake in spectacular style.

Niezen Vs Van Heeren

Remmo progressing to the finals after a super aggressive first run, and increased a lead in the second run.
An all Dutch semi-final with

3rd Place Play OFF
Van Heeren Vs Scott

Scott had two strong runs and barley edged this battle over the Dutchman by the smallest of margins with a better first run and maintained more angles through the course.

Another final, another track, and for the first time an all Netherlands Battle with BMW Vs BMW.Falken Tyres Vs Federal Tyres.
Vlassbom Vs Niezen
This battle has been made quite a few time and they and already met in there own domestic series in the I-Drift series in Holland.
With Niezen having the better record of battles between the two, vlassbom was there to prove a point.
In yet another epic final the two Dutchmen both hungry for the Round 2 win, went at it huge aggression not showing no room for error. They where forced into 2 x OMT ‘s with the judges again looking for the smallest mistake. This seems to happen every final now.
In the final Leg remmo closed in on the BMW Touring so close the difference couldn’t be seen. This first leg run was unmatched by vlassbom in the return meaning Remmo took round 2 with the smallest of margins.

1. Remmo Niezen
2. Paul Vlasblom
3. Anthony Scott
4. Frank Van Heeren
5. Declan Hicks
6. Dan Chapman
7. Ban Broke-Smith
8. Dave Monahan
9. Kawabata
10. Jon Stevens
11. Matt Chiappa
12. Brad McQueen
13. Sid Crowfoot
14. Jon Bartholemew
15. Ben Horne
16. Tom Yates

As we move on to the event of the year at Wembley stadium, Remmo niezen Already has one hand on the trophy.With all drivers out to win the prestigous wembley round it is still all the play for.

All drivers can still drop there worst score, which will benefit front runners Martin ffrench in the Dragon RX7 and Dan Chapman in the Driftworks PS13.

Eric o Sullivan will begin testing in his new AE86 which wasnt ready for RD2 , but will be his first appearance in Europe in 2009.

Other notable big name returns hungry to make an impact will be Mark “Buff”Luney in the SVA imports 350Z, Brett Castle in the SVS imports S14A, and Phil Morrison in the driftworks S15.His teamate Bon Bon didnt have the best of events but should have the Driftworks R32 ready for action for wembley where he is expected to excel.

Big Thanks to the Fans who attended on the day

Ross at www.doristars.com

JDM EVent Crew(Judges crew )

Dan Goodyear/Amy Doran/Jamie Dennison at the BHP SHow Lydden

Phil At Lydd Raceway

Judging Notes—

Top 16:
Chapman bt Crowfoot (7,3) (7,3) Dan was faster on the 1st run and pulled a gap, Sid Straightened in the 2nd run.

Vlasblom bt McQueen (6,4) (7,3) Paul closed in on Brad in the1st run and Brad straightened in the 2nd.

Scott bt Bartholemew (10,0) (4,6) Beezy span while following on the 1st run and then Scotty straightened massively on the 2nd run.

Monahan bt Horne (5,5) (10,0) 1st run was scrappy with Dave straightening while following and Ben was very slow,  Ben span on the 2nd run while chasing.

Broke-Smith bt Yates (7,3) (10,0) Tom straightened in the 1st run while chasing and then span in the 2nd.

Van Heeren bt Chiappa (6,4) (5,5) Frank was faster and pulled a gap in the 1st run and both were scrappy in the second run.

Niezen bt Stevens (6,4) (6,4) Remmo pulled a gap in the 1st run and then was very aggressive in the 2nd run.

Hicks bt Kawabata (6,4) (6,4) K-san straightened in both runs, Declan was smooth and consistent.

Qtr Finals:
Vlasblom bt Chapman (6,4) (5,5) Paul was super aggressive while following but lost ground on the exit of the last corner, Dan was close in the 2nd run but was very slow through the final turn.

Scott bt Monahan (6,4) Dave straightened twice while following on the first run, it was a front wheel puncture so he had to withdraw.

Van Heeren bt Broke-Smith (8,2) (6,4) Bon straightened several times while following in 1st run and was slow in 2nd while leading meaning Frank was on his door.

Niezen bt Hicks (7,3) (4,6) Remmo was fast while leading with Declan straightening, on the 2nd run Remmo made a mistake on the 1st corner entry, reducing angle massively, declan pulled a car length.

Vlasblom bt Scott (7,3) (7,3) Paul was fast while leading, Scotty straightened, Scotty was slow while leading and got overtaken on the exit of the final corner.

Niezen bt Van Heeren (6,4) (6,4) Remmo was super aggressive while following and then pulled a gap when leading.

3rd-4th Place:
Scott bt Van Heeren (6,4) (4.5,5.5) Frank was slower in the first run and then the gap was maintained in the 2nd with Scotty having slightly better angle.

Niezen bt Vlasblom (5,5) (5,5) (6,4) (4,6) (6.5,3.5) (4,6) Paul led 1st, Remmo held the gap stable, Paul did the same while following in the 2nd run. Remmo was aggressive in the 3rd run, only half a car length from Paul, Paul mirrored Remmo perfectly in run 4. In run 5, Remmo was super aggressive, closing in on Pauls door through all three corners. Paul was aggressive in run 6 but could not match Remmo’s performance from the previous run.

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