Phil wins again at EDC round 5

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Phil Morrison in the Driftworks Federal Tyre S15 gets his second first place position in the 2009 Need For Speed European Drift Championship at Santapod.

This weekend at round five of the Needforspeed EDC at Santapod, Phil Morrison took his second win of the season in the Driftworks Federal Tyre S15 Silvia.. Winning the first round at Oulton Park, and then suffering catastrophic engine failure at Silverstone as a result of one rubber hose on the engine creasing, Phil had set a determined new pace at Brands Hatch Round 4 in the Driftworks Skyline backup car, taking the second place on the podium, and this Saturday saw him return in the 666bhp Toyota powered Silvia to take on the bumps of Santapod, and come away with the win.

Phil wrote:

“Man I had to work for this one! Six runs in the final against Alan McCord nearly killed me. Such close driving, and a lot of fun. I always love Santapod and it’s slightly more casual vibe. It gives us a good amount of practice time, and one of my personal highlights was being part of the 5 car train in practice. (See the video below).
The Driftworks Silvia performed flawlessly at this extremely challenging track. The bumps at Santapod get worse each year, and combined with the high speeds of an EDC round, really show up flaws in suspension setup. The new Driftworks CS2 coilover setup overshadowed everything else in the field, giving predictable and confidence inspiring handling even over the biggest of bumps, and keeping the wheels firmly where they should be, On the ground.
I’d like to thank Federal Tyres, who once again supplied us with the best drift tyre on the planet, and Sky Insurance who help get us to the events in the first place. Roll on Snetterton in October, one of the highest corner speed tracks in the country.”

1st place: Phil Morrison. Driftworks S15 Silvia
2nd place: Alan McCord. Mckeever S13 180sx
3rd place: Brett Castle. SVS S14 200sx

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1. Phil Morrison (Nissan S15 Silvia)… 335pts
2. Mark Luney (Nissan 350Z)…        295pts
3. Alan McCord (Nissan S15 V8)…    280pts
4. Pete Barber (Mazda RX7)…        265pts
5. Brett Castle (Nissan S15)…        220pts
5. James Russell (Nissan R32)…        185pts
7. Paul Conlan (Nissan S15 2JZ)…    175pts
8. Declan Hicks (Toyota Soarer GZ20)…    150pts
9. Kieron Cameron (Nissan S13)…    90pts
10. Ian Harrisson (Nissan R32)…        80pts
11. Stewart Hansford (Nissan S13)…    75pts
11. Paul Cheshire (Nissan S14A)…    75pts
13. Andrew Cooper (Nissan S14A)…    70pts
14. David Monaghan (Nissan R32)…    65pts
15. Gary Hughes (Nissan R32)…        60pts
16. Keith Hammond (Nissan R32)…    55pts
16. Steve Will (BMW M3)…            55pts
18. Martin French (Mazda RX7)        35pts
19. Ben Broke Smith (Nissan R32)…    30pts
19. Steve Evans (Lexus IS200)…        30pts
19. Alexis Drew (Nissan R32)…        30pts
23. Dwain McKeever (Nissan S13)…    25pts
24. Richard Bradley (Nissan S14)…       15pts
24. David Waterworth (Nissan S13)…    15pts
24. Daniel Eyles (Nissan S13)…            15pts
24. Kiyoshi Kawabata (Nissan PS13)…  15pts
24. Anthony Scott (Nissan PS13)…        15pts
29. Rennie Morrocco (BMW E36)…        10pts

A quick video by one of our members of the 5 car train in practice

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