Congrats to Steve Biagioni and the BDC crew

We’d just like to congratulate Stephen (Baggsy) Biagioni for his monster achievement of winning the 2008 British Drift Championship. Well done dude! You thoroughly deserve it 🙂

I’d also like to personally thank Paul, Mark and the rest of the BDC team for putting on another superb year of drift competition in the UK. Without your total dedication to the sport we’d be lost. Many people don’t know the amount of work that goes into running an event as professionally as you do, and I think you are all due massive respect from everyone for providing the backbone to competitive drifting in the UK.
Thanks guys 🙂
Phil and the rest of Driftworks.

Baggsy wrote on the Driftworks forum:
Well what can i say, this time last year I was sitting here writing something similar as I had finished BDC semi-pro 8th, thinking what was I going to do to improve on next year and what I had learnt from all the people I had spoke to during the year.

A few days after this my mobile rung and some manquenion dude going by the name of Paul was on the other end aparently from Japspeed offering his support in the 2009 BDC. To tell you the truth i nearly put the phone down as you all know my best mate is Mark Lappagge and he is very good with voices, but luckily I didn’t and after a long phone call and some time to think I decided to take Paul up on his offer and become a member of the Team Japspeeed.

It was then time I knew to get my car up to the spec (or as best I could with the money I had). I then spent the next few months getting my car stripped , painted and then rebuilt to the spec I wanted with the advice and guidance of a few people who have played a key part to my 2009 year.

A big big thank you to Sweeps, Daz, steve brooks and the team for a fantastic year as always. You do a fantastic Job for the love of doing it and I take my hat to you. A big shout goes out to all the drivers in the BDC for your laughs, help and encouragement this year, and hope to see you all again next season.

I would like to say a massive Thank you to Adam the car cleaner, lappage for if nothing else keeping me alive and laughing at 4am working on our cars together eating horrible pitta and chips, Nick for the alignment and set up of the car and hours of tiny bolt adjustments to what in the end was a great feeling car,Maxis Tyres, Warren at Auto Stop Car Care, Nathan and Andy at GDA sport cars and everyone else who has contributed to my 2009 BDC year but most of all and more importantly Paul and Debbie at Japspeed.

This year for me to sum it up has been a dream come true, being asked to be part of a successful team, winning the BDC Championship and having a team that has proven to be my second family, offering support and advice when needed and not only being there nearly every hour of the day but also lending me the helping hand every day since the offer back in late 2008 and without them none of this would have been possible.
I owe alot to Japspeed and the team and I want to use this opportunity to say thank you very much and I am looking forward to what the 2010 brings.

Cant wait for 2010, feel lost already…

Steve Baggsy Biagioni

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12 years ago

Baggsy is my hero! I love him!

12 years ago

well done mate

reid murray
reid murray
11 years ago

baggsy son well done but wer is the car on here new one son carnt find it lol u takin me init ??/?

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