JDM Allstars Final Silverstone Video

Drifting at JDM Allstars – Trax 2009 Season Finale from JDM Allstars on Vimeo.

JDM Allstars presents glorious digital colour moving images depicting scenes of heavy smoking, paint trading, Mitto’s posh beard, and dollies. Enjoy.

An incredible end to the 4th and final round during an incredible year for the JDM Allstars series – with some of the worlds best Drift drivers – JDM Allstars drift series finally draws to an epic close with Trax 2009 at Silverstone, the most famous racing circuit in the world.
An incredibly close top 16 with everything to play for gave us some spectacular action – with cars 10-20cm’s from each other, sometimes even closer at speeds of well over 80mph.

This insight into the final day shows the competition, the drivers, the stars and the professionalism of the JDM Allstars organisers who are bringing drifting to a level as yet unseen in European drifting.
The films edited in such a way that it’s not another meaningless throwaway montage – but mixes some actual content that big name sponsors want to see the sport start including, plus the awesome usual trick music sections! Definitely post your thoughts on this new format as it should form a basis for next year.

Chapter Soundtracks:
Opening – Al Clark original.
Montage – Paul Okenfold: Ready steady Go.
Interviews, Press Conference and Final montage – Calvin Harris: Ready for the Weekend? (High Contrast Remix)

Edited by Al Clark (Ringer) for JDM Allstars.
Cameras: Josh Allen and Al Clark.
Additional thanks to Josh for the extra camera equipment to make this happen.

Visit jdmallstars.com for up to date news – and announcments for the 2010 season. If this one is anything to go by, it’s going to be amazing.

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