Congrats to Mark ‘Buff’ Luney

Mark Luney takes 2009 crown, Morrison and Barber runners-up

We at Driftworks would like to congratulate Mark (Buff) Luney on his win in the European Drift Championship.

Mark in the SVA 350z took the championship by winning the final round at Snetterton.

After I span out behind him in the top 8 battle, the odds were still really against him as I had such a lead in the championship, if he had come in 2nd place on the day, we would have drawn on points. But because I had more wins I would have taken the title.  So fair play to you Buff, that must have been some serious pressure! You thoroughly deserve the 1st place trophy 🙂

1st: Mark Luney SVA 350z
2nd: Phil Morrison Driftworks Federal S15 Silvia
3rd: Pete Barber FD Rx7

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