KD Race Event in Portugal

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What a weekend !!! …. Fantastic event, Fantastic driving and a great place too.

Congratulations to all the drivers for putting on a brilliant show, in particular the UK drivers (but then i would say that ! )

With regards to atmosphere it beat EVERY event I’ve ever been too .. hands down. Unless you were there you really can’t appreciate the passion, noise and involvement of the crowd .. the only thing i can liken it too is a football match, they were on their feet, screaming .. and i mean SCREAMING for the drivers, at the drivers, at the judges. Hairs on the back of your neck stuff as i was shooting … Seriously, every other crowd in every other country has alot to learn from this wknd.

I took a video camera and i’ll make a film .. but given the backlog of stuff I have to cut together it’ll probably be ready in about 2011

Also took some pics too … And given Baggsy’s car gave up after practice on the Saturday he helped out too … loads and loads to go through but here’s a few.

Photo’s and words by Brooksie 🙂

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11 years ago

I was there and let me say FREAKIN’ Awesome!!
I want to live more drift experiences like that for sure!

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