We have no secrets. Get this lock today.

There is supposedly a lot of “Dark Art” engineering when it comes to drift geometry, and components. One of our biggest goals is to make this engineering accessible, reliable and affordable – and most importantly producing serious results. You won’t believe how simple we’ve made it…

We get approached by countless people asking us ‘How do achieve the lock you get?’, and the answer we give is simple – EVERYTHING that is on the Driftworks S15 is available off the shelf in the Driftworks shop. No re-engineering, no welding, no complex geometry maths, we have done the work – and proved it works. And the best part is – we keep it in stock, it’s all part of the DW Mail Order parts shop which means you get our award winning shipping and customer support, you get our reliability, and you can get it anywhere in the world.

So what do you need?

1 x Nissan 200sx, Silvia or variant.

1 x Driftworks Handling pack – this gives the car extreme adjustability, plus the very best control over the handling characteristics of any off the shelf package. Nothing you don’t need, everything you do.

1 x Driftworks Geomaster Hub Knuckles – Not only giving you the most incredible steering angles, but also track-focused benefits such as roll centre correction, eliminating understeer and other detrimental handling.

1 x Driftworks Geomaster Steering rack offset spacers – The final part to the puzzle, this prevents your steering from going over-centre. These hugely strong components have been proven to work time and time again, and are essential for anyone serious about their steering geometry.

You can order this today, and have fitted to your car the following evening. It’s that simple. There are no secrets. 🙂

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