Driftworks R32 – Finally ready to tear up the world.

The Driftworks R32 seems to be jinxed. It’s gone through 6 engines in as many as 2 years. However, some major revisions to 2010 sees some very trick re-engineering, and of course as is the way with Bon-a-tron, more powers. The cars been out a couple of times this year for testing at a few rounds, and retired with electrical gremlins and mechanical issues. However, we are delighted to say that the R32 is, in Bons words, “Terrifying”.

It all began back when we converted the lock limiting front double wishbone setup to an S-Body style strut setup to allow us to run our Geomaster crazy hub knuckles for mega lock. Unfortunately, whilst having huge locks is nice, no engine sucks. But once again we have to give huge props to Garage-D, based in Watford. Garage-D built and designed the bodyshell, engine layout and chassis on the S15, and Julian Smith was once again on hand to save the day with a new engine. Which he stayed up until some crazy hours to make sure it was delivered. Julian, you are a hero.  More after the jump >>>



Borg Warner – S300 SX which is essentially a bigger GT35. On the right is the old tiny turbo which exploded.

Bon had to modify the Japspeed manifold to accept the awesomeness.

And the turbo was mated to the 1J.

The turbo in place! We were hoping for 500bhp….

Underneath sits a Tial wastegate with a mocked up downpipe. Tight fit…

Kambo Slice was roped into spannering duties…

Which involved a lot of revving engines. Bon is a big believer in revving engines. Kam obliged.

*** The car was then taken to ProTuner, the new mapping business set up in Reddich near DW HQ Birmingham for Greg Gush, mapper extraordinaire to work his magic on. Greg is meticulous and takes a huge amount of pride in his work. We can’t recommend him enough, thank you! ***

540bhp, and the same in Torques. Considering this car weighs less than the S15, and has Bon at the wheel, this thing will be utterly savage.


See you at Japfest for the JDM Allstars Team Battles!

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James - Driftworks
James - Driftworks
13 years ago

Fingers crossed we’ve actually made it Bon proof this time….

13 years ago

hahaha! Nothing.. I repeat NOTHING is Bon proof!

13 years ago

Good work lads

13 years ago

good tob getting it running, bothe cars went out at manchester and was really looking foward for them drifting

Eve Zak
Eve Zak
12 years ago

what does bon proof mean. I have an old sword at home that has the words bon proof on it could you elaborate the meaning of this term for me. Thankx

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