Featured Build – R32 SR20DET Skyline Drift car

We’ve had lots of interest in people wanting to be featured – and thank you everyone who’s sent in your cars – we are actually a bit inundated! Anyway – here is the next awesome machine that caught our eye in the Drift Car Projects and Builds section were we have literally hundreds of drift car builds. This particular one is quite close to my heart, as I actually wanted to purchase it when it was for sale on the Driftworks Classifieds where you can see Drift cars for sale in both UK, Europe and Japan. In fact, I liked it so much when I realised it had already been sold, I started my own R32 SR20DET project which I never completed and sold on to Garage-D in Watford. I digress. I’ve been tracking the progess of this one ever since it landed wearing some badical wheelage, and it’s current incarnation is looking better than ever.

The body lends itself really well to the SR20 conversion – drop the body onto a 180sx subframe and it’s all peaches and roses from there.

It received lots of stuff like the 8.7kg Driftworks Suzuka seats

And some awesome Driftworks alignment arms

And it all came together quite well here:

How smart is that? You can check his full build thread here!

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12 years ago

whaat, skyline with sr20det? thats a new one 😛

12 years ago

But what happened with the original RB25det engine?! Why do you think that the SR20det is better than RB25det?

11 years ago

Georgi the r32 skylines come factory with a rb20det. The sr20 and rb20 make similar power in standard form. The sr is a lighter engine thus it better distributes weight.

10 years ago

I have a similar conversion… Powersteering doesn’t work though.. Is your steering mechanism from r32 and pump from sr? I have and doesn’t work =(

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