Forum Build: Phil Maclachlans RX7 FC Drift car

The Driftworks Forum, as you probably know has an extremely busy builds section. And there are some fantastic cars in there, and some seriously dedicated people to the greater good. We’re going to feature cars from all round the world, so if you’ve got a car you want featured, let us know – email al (at ) driftworks dot com with some high quality snaps and some info and we’ll get your car up, especially if you’re running any DW components!

Phil Maclachlan doesn’t know we’re featuring his car, but he’s just put a sterling effort in at the Semi-Pro BDC round last weekend, placing third overall in class. Phil really does this for the love of it, to the point of bankruptcy but no one can ignore his dedication. This car was actually at the Driftworks Full Lock party last year and received a lot of attention, and this year it gives us a new look…

Sporting fresh paint and graphics from SJS Designs and an powerful engine from Hayward Rotary, Phil’s car is a pretty unique looking car with well thought out aero.

Green paint comes from the signature ‘Team Green’ machine, and the cage and stickers (the Ultralite sticker may now be defunct) all play a part.

The cars running on HSD FC RX7 Coilovers which keep the handling spot on.

You can read his detailed historyย  / build thread in the forum here and see how much work he’s put into it!

Remember, if you want your car featured, please send 4-5 photos (preferably 666px wide) plus some information on your car to al (at) driftworks dot com and you will get featured!

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6 Responses to Forum Build: Phil Maclachlans RX7 FC Drift car

  1. Did love the sound of this car when it was coming passed, plus the SJS design looks sweeeet ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. This car is too cool.
    Sounded amazing at Llandow.
    I started making it on Forza 3 but got bored ๐Ÿ™

    • if you make it send me a pm, or a gift and ill but it off you or somthing. gotta love forza 3

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  4. sounded soo amazing. love the graphics on it ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. looks gret ………..! kep it upguyz……….!Rock d world by drif..?hahaha

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