Japfest 2010 photos

Saturday saw Castle Combe host the 1st ever JDM Allstars Extreme Team Drift Battle at Japfest 2010, and (as Al announced here) the Driftworks team managed to come away victorious! Here is a small selection of photos that I took on the day, but if you would like to see more you can check out my Flickr account here… More photos will be added to there over the next few days.

After struggling to pass the strict Castle Combe noise regulations, drastic measures were needed to get the noise levels down…

Castle combe noise regs cant beat the R32Click ‘read the complete article’ to see more

Brad Hacker suffered some mechanical problems in the Dragon Performance FD RX7 so ended up borrowing this R34 Skyline for the remaining runs.

Pink R34 at Japfest 2010

Luke Fink continued to impress with some huge entries and epic manji-ing! After getting the entry to Quarry corner wrong a couple of times (even ending up in the crops that in the middle of the track!) Luke got the crowd cheering with some donuts…

Luke Fink made a slight mistake on this entry into Quarry

Phil and Dan at Castle Combe

Dan Chapman at JDM Allstars Japfest

Ross I’Anson from Speedhunters was attended his 1st ever Japfest and posted up part 1 and part 2 of his report, well worth checking out for his awesome photos!

Ross and Al waiting for the winner of JDM Allstars at Japfest to be announced

Phil waiting for the winner to be announced

Al Clark stting up some cameras in Bon’s R32 before the 1st session – keep an eye on the blog over the next few days for his video…

Al Setting up Cameras in R32

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jamie bolton
jamie bolton
11 years ago

sick sick sick sick sick umm unreal umm good day 🙂

dale warrillow
dale warrillow
11 years ago

i was there on saterday and omg! what a performance.. so much so im actually selling my car to buy a 200sx and have a go my self 😀 great day guys, defo made the event more exsiting

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