A day in the office: Part 8 starring the Killatron4000

It’s been hectic here – we’ve had more work than you can shake a stick at, we’re still implementing our posh new shop software, we’re putting the final touches to the stock area and workshop, the offices are nearing completion and we’re getting cars ready for 4 weeks of competitions and demos. None the less – we’ve still found some time to start pimping out our Real World drift car – the humble S14a….

Julian from Rota Wheels kindly pimped us out with a set of Rota SVN’s in 18x9j and 18x10j (et30 all round) in awesome matt grey – they’re fantastic and finish is top class.

Driftworks boss James says ‘IS NICE’.

When fitting tyres, make sure you have a box of Bondages handy.

Mr George Tilling from Mint Tyres popped in for a cuppa tea. Always a suprised look on the mans face. 😀

This little fluffy dude that Bon named ‘The Killatron4000’ fell out of his nest which is on our roof. Poor blighter.

He brought the office to a bit of a standstill. Mel was horrified when Kam suggested stamping on it.


On the roof we go! Neither Paz nor Bon enjoy the company of ladders.

Mum and Dad we still flying overhead trying to peck Phils’ face off.

Cheers, then bye!

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