Driftworks take a 1-2 win at JDM Allstars!

Team Driftworks continue their long standing status as Europes most successful drift team by securing a 1/2 podium win at JDM Allstars Donnington.

Congratulations to Luke Fink also for putting up a storming effort, and commiserations to Bon who had mechanical problems on the day but reportedly put up a sterling effort none the less!

Driftworks JDM Allstars Win

phil and dan twin drifting

Thanks to Doristars for the pictures!

7 thoughts on “Driftworks take a 1-2 win at JDM Allstars!

  1. Ace work guys, Team Driftworks were rocking hard “no gasket” styley 😀

    Champman needs a fancy Driftworks race suit 🙂

  2. Absolutely amazing driving by the Driftworks guys despite all the mechanical bad luck they faced. Watching Dan battle Pawel Trela might have been the most entertaining set of battles I’ve watched all year. Congrats!!!

  3. Came on the Saturday and had a real good day. Felt very welcomed by Driftworks and so pleased for you guys. Shame about Luke Fink as I think hes talented but an absolute arrogant c*ck, first impressions last hey.

    Anyway, well done DW!

  4. well done DW some awesome angles when dan battled trela got some pics of the polish drivers right on the clipping point

    well done to dan and phil on the 1-2

  5. Congratulations to the DW team.. but with all due respect the DW team is undoubtedly the UK’s most successful drift team. The European Crown belongs to the Falken Team headed by Remmo Niezen and has done for several years.

  6. Trela was incredible in qualifying! As was Phil though to be fair…

    Shame the event itself was a bit of a shambles! Concrete Walls in front of the tyres… Errrrrrrm

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