The Driftworks R32 suspension conversion explained.

Okay guys – here’s something that hopefully will make your life a lot easier. The R32 has a funky double wishbone setup which offers lots of steering lock and stability as standard. However, it also adds a lot of weight and unnecessary complexity. We decided to convert the front suspension to S-Body McPhearson strut style to take advantage of the Driftworks Geomaster hub knuckles, lower unsprung weight and more importantly better steering geometry.

As you can see if you look at the strut turrets, there are two holes where the original coilovers used to go….. We measured against the Driftworks S15 to ensure it was feasible to carry out the conversion, and fortunately, it seemed to be! So after a bit more careful measuring we went for broke, and cut some holes in the turrets… basically.

Close up – we can see the different location.

So instead of a locked top mount, we could now run a camber adjustable top mount.

Here’s Bon holding up the original double wishbone setup, which weighs a billions tonnes. He is unhappy with this.

Underneath we can see how simple it all looks now. It may as well be any other S-Body. The conversion is so simple, and effective.

Looking up at the turrets.

Closer to the turrets.

This shot shows just how much simpler the arch is now compared to any reference photo of another R32. Combined with other weight saving programs on this car, we have reduced the weight of the car from 1330kg’s to 1175kgs!! With 550bhp, it’s a weapon.

The knuckles pictured here are the S14/S15 knuckles from Driftworks’ Geomaster range. Whilst they don’t give more absolute steering lock on the leading wheel when compared to the original, they heavily reduce the extreme ackerman angle that R32’s suffer from. Simply put – the car can be driven at high speed on full lock without any issues associated with the original setup. In competition, this means we can push faster, harder and at bigger angles for more smoke.

Hope that’s some use, please feel free to ask any question here!

17 thoughts on “The Driftworks R32 suspension conversion explained.

  1. So, if I wanted to do this conversion, I need a s14 knuckle, lower control arm and coilover ? Except for the coilover, everything is just a straight bolt on ?

  2. What’s the chances of a simple drawing being made on paper which allows you to alighnment it with the original holes so there is no messing with measuring etc before you start drilling and cutting

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  4. Hi!
    What did you do with the Antiroll bar? And the Steering knuckle that is with GeoMaster 2, is it the same as for S13 and S14? And I have DW lower arms on my R32, do I need to change the pin that is mounted on the lower arm or can I use the one that was working with R32?

  5. What if I don’t have a s15 to measure? But I want the same suspension set up as DW r32? What struts do I use (s15 front r32 rear? My goal is to build a drift machine using my r32 .. the drift works r32 inspires me..thanks.. email me at

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  7. Hey guys, I’m interested in converting an R32 to a V configuration twin turbo at some point and wouldn’t mind the specs and maybe some pointers for this conversion, as I’m sure the strut towers might be a bit too narrow and would be better modified.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  8. We’re planning on swapping the r32 to s13 struts do you sell the upper mount plate, and do you have a template for proper installation. Thanks

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