Build Feature: BMW E46 330ci

Now this is beyond the conventional – certainly in the UK. The BMW 330ci is a good motorway car, perfectly capable on the twisties – but so often forgotten about and overshadowed by the E46 LSD’ed M3. But just because it’s not an M3 doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the right ingredients – RWD, a manual gearbox, and a personality. This build has been in the Drift Car Build Projects section – and it popped up almost over night under the radar – and it’s awesome!

BMW 330ci Drift car

It seems to have all started with this, a standard car – which was to be crashed by owner Matt’s friend. A blessing in disguise?

BMW 330ci Drift car

The car was then given the strip down treatment – and a serious cage was put in place.

BMW 330ci Drift car

The car was then sprayed in classic Germanic silver paint – got to keep the heritage right?

BMW 330ci Drift car

And the interior was re-assembled, bearing a distinct look and feel of a Touring car in my humble opinion!

BMW 330ci drift car

The outside was repaired, and finished off with a set of Rota Torques which suited the simple lines of the E46 nicely.

Rota alloy wheels Torques BMW

And then, just like that – it went out and did skids. 😀

BMW 330ci Drift Car

Personally – I love it. It’s going to be reliable once the suspension niggles are sorted, it’s smart – and definitely capable – you can read the more detailed build thread here!

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11 years ago

46’s are the future. Love it!

11 years ago

sweet! the redrim lookswamk but thats nothing the car is awesome what about what about andy sapp!

10 years ago

is 330i’s engine good for turbocharging??? I mean, does it handle turbocharging as ETA (E30) motors do??? And if so, how much would it cost to instal GT35R turbo kit??? That would add some serious power and make drifting even more easy and attractive!

9 years ago

i have a bmw 330 ci. and i personally enjoy the way it hugs the corners and slides perfectly

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