Good news… Both Driftworks cars are repaired!

After an intense week of hard work, the S15 is off being aligned after havingthe damage inflicted at JDM Allstars last weekend repaired and the final touches are just being done to the R32 meaning it will be at Donington tomorrow for BDC Round 4 thanks to hard work from Bon, Phil, Paz & Co and Julian & Walton Smith @ Garage-D along with EP Racing!

I’ll end this short post with a quick shot taken a couple of minutes ago of the R32 looking a little worse for wear…

Driftworks R32 Skyline repair

9 thoughts on “Good news… Both Driftworks cars are repaired!

  1. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE (In the style of Professor Farnsworth)
    Looking forward to seeing you lads ripping it up at donny tomorrow

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