A day in the office – Part 12

It’s Friday afternoon here, so I’m going to wander around with my camera.

Dan Chapman

Driftworks ace Dan Chapman popped in for some food.

Bon putting a new powersteering rack on the R32 for Rockingham / Japfest 2 on Sunday this weekend.

JimsFactory himself!

Outside, Paz is rocking this awesome 325 this week, on loan from his mate. Lucky man!

She’s rocking a JimsFactory sticker – hit up JF on Facebook if you want some.

It’s a bit of an S14-Mitzvah, Phils, Jays and Kams cars, plus Bons just out of shot.

Bons cars now wearing DA’s tags, he reckons he can because he beat them all on Gran Turismo 😀

When you spend your money, it’s Mel who makes sure everything runs smoothly. She will kill me for this photo.

And once you’ve spent your money, it’s Nick who runs the shipping department!

Paz has spent the whole day prepping the Driftworks Van after Phil rebuilt his house and filled it with sand. Melancholy, I would dare say. 😀

Phil showing off with his new HTC – Making hip hop on the fly!! Sick!!

James responds with his Synth apps – first mobile phone office jam ever. We might have to fire up the decks and do a full set.

Jay is our Data guru. He is currently working really hard on the new shop due out imminently, when he’s not perving over AE86’s.

Still not got enough space to put these. Shelves coming. 😀

In the Workshop, Kenny is pimping the R32 out with the 2010 graphics!

Moi. Merci Philip. Bon and Kam are having a burn out competition on the screen, predictably.

And a final sneaky peaky at the wheels that will grace the V10 M3 which is finally under construction!

16 thoughts on “A day in the office – Part 12

  1. Right, Al.

    Can you please, please stop making these brilliant posts?
    I struggle to get anything done at work at the best of times, never mind when I have movies and photo’s to look through.

    Really into these latest posts, making Driftworks a bit more than the black and orange cars to a lot of people!

    Keep them coming!

  2. Is Chapman your son George?? Im starting to see a resemblance, also i’ve never seen you both in the same place at the same time!? obviously alto egos or relatives.
    <3 x haha

  3. I really want.. no NEED a cap like that.. the rockstar cap in the first pic! Where can i get me one of those???

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