Buxton Drift… Back in the Seat!

I attended the Drift-One Drift Day at Buxton Raceway on Sunday, and had an awesome time so I figured I’d just throw up a quick post!

Dirty S14 Driftings!

I took the S14 up to Buxton, and seriously couldn’t of had a better day!  Thanks to Drift One for Organising it and thanks to Ian Gratton for the snap!  It was my first time Drifting in nearly a year, and the solid wall surrounding the track was a little bit intimidating but at the end of the day i was getting a little better, after being seriously rusty in the morning!

The Driftworks Geomaster hubs up front give massive lock, but also the ackerman reduction seems to make the car drive through the drift with more speed!  Something which took me a little while to get used to!  Up next is more rear grip, in the form of some DW Geomaster Rear Hubs and I’ll be happier to fire the car into corners, knowing that when i get on the gas, the car will bite into the turn and hold its line more accurately…  But my days do I need some practice haha!

Roll on the next Buxton Drift Day, see you guys there?

10 thoughts on “Buxton Drift… Back in the Seat!

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  2. Must jump in for a ride round next time Paz, need to see how those hubs perform. Good to see you yesterday. See you Sept 19th!

  3. Glad you liked Buxton. It’s Derbyshire’s best kept secret (even though it shouldn’t be secret)

    Was nice chatting briefly to the people you were with, especially talking to the older chap about how gay mx5’s are 😀

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