Japfest 2, the taff*tune saga!

So the Japfest 2: The Evolution weekend started with a trip down to Cardiff. Having worked on the car all week trying to get it ready and running to make the long trip up to Rockingham I was somewhat apprehensive of the long journey. The drive down to Cardiff on Friday night was effortless and the Banana cruised on down the M4 with just a minor misfire to speak of, no dramas. Saturday was check and wash day. I gave the car a look over and tried to diagnose the misfire fault but to no avail, time to get the car washed. Well when I didn’t actually wash the car myself, I left that down to Emma, she makes a better job of it than I do.. I don’t clean cars. She was out there cleaning it well after the sun went down and fair play the car was gleaming for the first time ever…

As with any long journey with the cursed Banana theres always some issues that crop up. Cruising up the M42 and it died, luckily I was just approaching Jct4 so rolled up the sliproad and stopped.

It turned out to be an afm wire that came loose, a quick fix with a small terminal block and she fired up and we were off within 5mins. An hour or so later we arrived at Rockingham and parked up on the Redline Power Paddock stand. A quick clean off of all the road grime and dirt and she was looking like a purposeful streeto weapon again.

The journey home was effortless with just a minor issue with the car failing to start at a service station near Cardiff but a quick change of plugs and off I went all the way home.

Cars are put on this earth to try us, to test our patience. The more we work on them the more likely they are to break down. I’ve got a big love/hate relationship with this car at the moment, when it runs properly and faultlessly its amazing! It turns heads, looks hard as nails and just seeks attention wherever it goes. When it breaks I want to burn it or roll it straight off a cliff.

One day it’ll be reliable enough for me to actually use it properly! I’m missing my skidding thrills, someone fix it for me I’ve had enough haha!

Cars eh! The saga continues….

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10 years ago

sorry to hear about ur problems mate……but on the bright side the car looks fukkin savage.
u wanna push it off a cliff?….. just tell me where and when! al take ma chances trying to catch the fukker before it hits the ground! lol

good read mate….. pls stick with it tho! this car is only a ‘baw hair’ away from being the sexiest car EVER EVER EVER!! if not already!


10 years ago

Horrible looking pretend drift gets washed, breaks down, then parks. Best story ever.

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