Sitting evil.

R32 Skyline

This is a pretty much bang on looking R32 – all the gear and all the idea. This was found by Kam in the forum and it instantly triggered his awesome-radar….

John the owner bought the car in Japan from Goo Net about 8 months ago, seemed like a good example of a R32 with a RB25 in it, nice mods.

It arrived from japan with various holes in the floor, knocking coilovers, a burst power steering rack and an open diff. Ultimate fail….

Now, a few months after, it is fully on the road – it’s getting to be the car I wanted it to be!

Spec is:

92 GTSt
RB25 spec2 engine
HKS 2530 turbo
HKS front mount
HKS intake
Turbo back single box Apexi exhaust
Power FC with commander

Ferodo DS2500 pads
DBA 3000 discs
HEL brake lines

HICAS lock out kit
DW subframe bushes
Kaaz 2way diff
BC coilovers
Cusco Braces
Camber arms
18×9.5 ET30 F Rota drift grids 225/40/18
18×10 ET15 R Rota drift grids 235/40/18

Full Safety21 cage
Nismo 400R seats
Nardi wheel
Bubble gear nob
DW handbrake tape and button

GTR front bumper
Carbon vented bonnet
Roled/Flared front wings
Overfenders on rear
Ganador replica mirrors
HID lights

John’s just oredered a full Driftworks alignment setup, so it’s going to handle just as sweetly as it looks. We <3 this car, and you should too. 😀

By the way – if you want your car featured – remember all you need to do is send in pictures and details and we’ll throw them up!

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11 years ago

Badass. One of the few R32’s done right!

Reply to  kambo
11 years ago

Totally agree, very clean look and it does the job.
Loving the smiling intercooler 😀

11 years ago

Is it D-max rear fenders? 🙂

Nice looking car!

11 years ago

It has to be said, that car is just about what we all want! NEED!

drift police
drift police
11 years ago

the saying less is more fits this car to a T awsome car sweat pics

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