2010 – A Newcomer’s Year in Drifting (so far)

In December 2008 I purchased my very first Japanese car, a UK Nissan 200SX S14 Touring. This got me thinking about the motor sport I’d briefly heard of before, a sport you all know and love, a sport called ‘Drifting’. Fast forward through 2009 and countless drift videos and pictures form the Internet, we arrive at Saturday 17thApril 2010, 7.30am I’m sat in a McDonalds car park with a bunch of 200SX owners. We convoy from our destination into an overspill car park at Manchester’s Trafford Centre..

Dan Chapman - JDM Allstars Manchester

Team Driftworks Pits @ Manchester

Phil Morrison @ JDM Allstars Manchester

What an awesome awe inspiring spectacle, as a proper introduction to Drifting this had to be the best way to do it! Amazing driving all weekend, an open pit lane where I actually talk to the teams and the drivers. I’m stunned at how much of a friendly community this is, everyone is happy to talk and more importantly everyone is having a good crack.

‘I like this’ I think to myself, this is me hooked!!

This is Drifting, This is an open and friendly community with an awesome motor sport to boot, The BEST spectators motor sport!

I’ve attended all the big drift events that I could and here’s a selection of my pictures from these events.

European Drift Championships @ Oulton Park

Mark Luney - Pete Barber Twinning EDC

Apex S14a EDC

I attended British Drift Championship Round 4 at Donnington park with the S14 on Driftworks stand

Driftworks S15 Smoke Machine BDC Donnington

Team Japspeed at BDC Donnington

Team Green/Falken BDC Donnington

I also had a look into the grassroots side of drifting and have now decided to get to every Drift One @ Buxton drift day that I can. It’s one of the closest places to me and at only a tenner to get into the venue how can I say no.

Cresta - Drifting at Buxton with DriftOne

MX5 Driftong @ buxton with DriftOne

Then came JDM Allstars Wembley– The big Smoke. Again I attended this with the Driftworks crew and had my S14 on the Driftworks stand throughout an awesome weekend!

Severnside Imports JDM Allstars Wembley

Starlet on The Famous Wembley Jump

Wanders S14a @ JDM Allstars Wembley

Chapman V's Fink JDM Allstars Wembley

This led me to the thought of needing a piece of the action for myself, attending drift experience days…

Mark White - DrfitOne experience

And also recently at Blyton with my own S14 (Photo courtesy of Ben Arris from Dodgem Squad)

Mark White S14 Drifting at Blyton

With having the chance to blog with Driftworks and also my latest posting as a Photographer and blogger for Dodgem Squad I sorted my insurances out and finally got on the right side of the fence with Media access at Drift One’s drift day at Buxton.

Here’s a couple of my best photo’s yet from the day…

Drift One Buxton - BMW 5 Series splash

Drift One Buxton - AdamS in Red R32

So that’s an introduction to me and my first year in drifting.

Hopefully I can get a residence on the Driftworks Blog, so please leave me some comments on what you thought.

10 thoughts on “2010 – A Newcomer’s Year in Drifting (so far)

    1. Thanks for the feedback mate. Yeah I have it mate. Will try getting it to you at the weekend. Working away from home at the minute with rubbish mobile Internet.

  1. Top work as expected mark! Great photo’s and a really inviting write up into drifting as an experiance from most peoples perspective.

    This should DEFINATELY be a regular thing from you on the driftworks blog!

    Cheers for the shout out!

    Hope to see me!

    Jaymo – Dodgemsquad!

  2. amazing pictures and info i have been to a couple of drifting events seeing the pictures makes me want to go to even more events

  3. amazing pictures mark i went along to the manchester jdm and i found your pictures bring the experience to life for the people that was not there

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