2010 Driftworks Photography Competition Update


A big scale free to enter competition for anyone who’s taken a photo with a camera of a drift related thing! We’ve had literally about 100 photos submitted already from around the world, we’re seriously impressed and we’re only a couple of weeks into the competition… so here are the rules and regs again for those of you who still haven’t entered.


OK guys and girls, we’ve been playing with the idea of having a competition for a while as there are so many skilled photographers – be it those of you with Canon 1D’s with all the gear, right down to humble compacts taking the right snap at the right time. We’ve seen so many great photos over the years in the drift scene and we’d like to display lots of it! Please use this as an opportunity to display your work to the world – you never know who’s reading. 🙂

What could you win?

There will be eight winners, one from each class (explained below) and category. Each winner will receive:

  • A residency login to publish their work on Driftworks’ front page Blog as often as they want!
  • A £25 Driftworks voucher for them to spend on whatever they want in the shop.
  • And a huge blown up high quality print of the winning photo.
  • PLUS: We are going to get some huge photos printed for our walls, and if we see something particularly suitable, we might use it!

So, hows it going to work?

Submissions will be split into 2 classes, and 4 categories;

  • Pro ClassEstablished & Professional photographers, or people who have had press passes to drift events this year, or magazine / major blog/ work etc.
  • Amateur ClassKeen, Plucky or just plain Lucky photographer who enjoy taking photos as a hobby only, perhaps of friends cars.

And the categories will be as follows:

  • ActionAny car actually drifting / crashing / burnouts / rig shots / in motion on the road etc.
  • StaticParked up, be it on an event in the pits, or maybe just captured under a moody night sky, or a full static mag style shoot.
  • Lifestyle Not necessarily of a car itself, but something drift related – a nicely placed set of burnt tyres – smashed aero – someone covered in grease and smiles.
  • Other / Non Drift – If it’s not drift related – then this is the category for you. Landscapes, Girls, Non RWD cars, Cities, Travels etc.

How will a winner be decided?

After the closing date which will be the 15th of October 2010, so plenty of time to get yourself to events and get the best pictures processed.

The pictures will then be posted on the DW blog and the winner will be chosen simply by the number of people who hit the relevant ‘Like’ button for your picture, so you’ll want to get your friends voting too!

How to Submit a photo:

  • No more than 1 photo per category.
  • Emailed photos should be no more than 1280px wide and under 1Mb. Huge RAW’s are pointless and will be rejected by our mail server.
  • Tell us your class, name, your location and what camera and lens you used if you know or can remember. Also remember to make it clear what category the photo is for.
  • Email address for the photos is media@driftworks.com

Submission Rules:

  1. You can be any age to enter and from any country.
  2. You must tell us what class you fall into. If you’re blatantly lying, we’ll move you into Pro-Class. 😀
  3. When you submit your photographs, you must tell us which photo is in which category. Do not assume it is obvious!
  4. Computer enhanced / Photoshopped pictures are acceptable.
  5. You should have full ownership and distribution rights.
  6. You should ideally still have the full res original – if you win we’re going to want it big!
  7. We may occasionally want to use your photos on the blog for promotion for the competition and on newsletters. We will not use your photos in any advertising without contacting you.
  8. No nudity, sorry – we need to keep it a Safe-For-Work page this. Send them in anyway. 😀
  9. Submissions must be received by October the 15th.
  10. If you have already submitted a photo and want to change it, that’s no problem, just email us and let us know.
  11. We reserve the right to change the rules at any time without notice or reason. 😀
  12. We reserve the right to reasonably watermark photos with the Driftworks Logo.
  13. All photos will be credited to the relevant photographer.

Best of luck everybody, we’re really excited to see what comes in!

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12 years ago

so what pictures have been submitted so far? We want to see them!!! WE DEMAND THEM NOW!!!

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