A day in the Office: New S14a shell for Kam from Garage-D

When you see a car that looks OK from a glance – but when the wind gets up a bit and the paint falls off and the metal resembles an autumnal leaf in both texture and structural integrity, you know it’s time for a re-shell. Kam’s S14a is a serious daily driver pulling 70 miles each day on HSD and Driftworks suspension, but sadly the shell hasn’t lasted as well. Fortunately, on an S14a a re-shell is easy, so Kam and Bon and myself decided to head down to the only place in the UK where your likely to find a completely rust free S14 shell just ‘in stock’…. Garage-D.

Kam is our customer support guru – he’s the dude you speak to when you email our sales team. Lock up your daughters.

It was Balti night and Phil made sure he was driving Mel’s Civic home so he could get there ‘extra fast’.

We have NO idea how this man beds the women he does.

Bon was our pilot for the journey driving the van and trailer. First stop was to load up on diesel and junk food.

Yummy, an emegency light sandwich.

The Driftworks van is kitted out with a pretty decent sound system and a sub so we were able to rinse to some dubstep all the way there.

However Dubstep and Hip Hop gave way to Burger King.

When did it get dark so early??

We arrived to a pleasant welcome where Uncle Chunk was picking up a head gasket for an RB.

There is always something interesting at Garage-D on the ramps, this Nissan Silvia S15 Varietta is a folding hard top car on import only. Kind of cool!

Eoin (left), Liam (middle) and Roisin (right) were finishing up for the evening. Garage-D is typically open quite late!

Kams shell is ridiculously tidy, but Julians idea of perfect really means perfect and he wouldn’t let us take it until he’d re-worked some light rear panel damage the car had clearly had at some point. It came out completely straight thanks to Julians metal working skills.

It was time for Coffee as it was about 2am now, so Julian lent us his HKS turbo RB26DETT S14 from Dubai. It’s a gorgeous car that’s really setup for track use and fast road – and by god was it fast.

The perfect daily – so tidy and all the parts are high quality and well thought out.

The cars actually for sale at the moment, but as Julian and Walton never stop improving the cars they have in stock expect the spec to be improved further!

Kams going to make his blog debut soon with the first stages of his re-shell progress, so stand by for that!


9 thoughts on “A day in the Office: New S14a shell for Kam from Garage-D

  1. Is that a saphire blue shell, can’t quite make it out in the pics? If so I believe that my friends old shell that he sold to Julian, If so youve deffinietly chosen the right car to re-shell in to as its possibly one of the tidyest shells Iv seen, beter than some JDM cars! Good luck with the build.

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