A day out of the office: Wembley Drift 2010

Wow – lots of photos and talk going on with this event then! None the less – I liked it!

Drift car crash at Wembley

Again – as I was filming most of the day with the 5D, I didn’t get any shots of Trela who did a spectacular win against Colfer in the finals, but I did manage to get some more photos of cars and stuff…

4 Door R32 Drift car Nissan Skyline

This was a cool ass car. He smashed it into a wall later, for fun. That’s baller in itself.

350z Drift car

Great prep on this 350Z.

Alutec Mustang at Wembley Drift 2010

The Alutec Mustang was sweet – although the wheels left something to be desired in my opinion. Looked badass from the front though!

Driftworks Tatto

WE HAVE FOUND HIM! His name is Jason, and he is a walking Driftworks legend. Yes, that is a real permanent tattoo! Get in contact with us and we’ll send you a free T-Shirt.

Promo skanks

The one on the right for me please!

Bruno drifter


monster energy can with wasp

The problem with energy drink sponsors, lovely as they are, are the infernal wasps that you nearly drink after they’ve wandered into your can.

This dudes exact words were – “It’s really too windy to do anything silly”

So they did a Superman and a backflip. Insanely cool.

The monster truck was very loud, and very big.

Ash Burrows photography

Resident DW blog photographer Ash was doing a shoot with Dan Chapmans Driftworks PS13.

MotoX jump

And then the nutters did more jumps.

Phil Morrisons low rider Nissan President

Phil and Jay arrived in the president after heading off to randomly buy an Evo7 (more on this later).

Blitz R34 Skyline Nomura Julian Smith Garage-D

Julian Smith from Garage-D’s Nomura Blitz R34 was looking the pimpness!


And this very tidy looking R34 GT-R was, I reckon, just right.

Blitz R34 Skyline Nomura Julian Smith Garage-D

End of the day light. I have only Linbergh to thank for this one.

Blitz R34 Skyline Nomura Julian Smith Garage-D in pits

Final farewells.

Daniel Bridle from Motormavens / Driftworks

Daniel Bridle from Motormavens was grabbing some final snaps to finish his reports off with.

So that’s it! Hope you like the photos. 🙂

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13 years ago

love that pics AL, we need more info on this Evo7. could it be a new project for next year ?

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13 years ago

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13 years ago

Either you like ALUTEC wheels or you don’t…there’s a big difference between Bratwurst and Sushi..and I guess it’s the same with JDM wheels 😉

Ben aka driftnut
Ben aka driftnut
13 years ago

Driftworks Tattoo.
That’s my buddy who I try n drag along to many drifting events. His name is Jason “Worm” Topp

Ben Aka Driftnut
Ben Aka Driftnut
Reply to  Al
13 years ago

Yeah man… send it! Any other info you need or requests ect ect no worries

13 years ago

Tattoo man that’s me

13 years ago

Jasontopp_123@hotmail.co.uk send me a email and will do a interview for ya

13 years ago

I will look forward to hearing from u thanks jason

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