Fuji Speedway: 1JZ day Sept 19,2010 -Part 2-

car booths galore

Heading into the entrance of the drift park you got this feeling of WOW !! ….You are definitely in 1JZ paradise.

With all the cars and booths to see I started over to the first booth  which was HPI.They had a assortment of parts on sale for your 1JZ.HPI was offering around 15-20% off at this event.

Hpi selling 1jz parts

If you got tons of WHEELS piled up in the backyard or in a room in the house… YOUR A WHEELS GUY !! They had plenty of  booths for you here today. WORK,RAYS and WEDS didn’t disappoint with their booths.

work wheels boothRays boothWeds wheel booth

Autobacs set up a full axle dyno if you were interested in knowing the horsepower of your car.

dyno by autobacs

They even had a full size food and beverage stand selling around 20 items to the public.  The “kakigori” (flavored shaved ice was to die for in 90 degree heat !!)

japanese food stand

Famous Japanese car garages and car lots were in attendance.

Team Julius was represented by SACCHAN.


sacchan 2

CarKoubou had their car for show

car koubou

OK..Now lets take a look at some of the show cars that were on dispaly for 1JZ day.

100jzxred 100jzxred 100jzx1j enginegreen 100jzx110jzx100jzx110jzx

There were some really nice cars that were here for the drift event also.Plenty of 90jzx’s,100jzx’s and 110jzx’s.

100jzx3 jzx's100jzx100jzx100jzxjzx's ready to driftwhite 100jzx

There were a nice pair of Supra’s drifting together.

twin supra's

Also some Soarer’s made it to the event.

nice set of soarers

Alexi, running the popular blogsite Noriyaro.com made it to the event.

alexi running noriyaro

Even the POLICE showed up to terrorize the drifters,…and that he did.

police 100jzx

100jzx police

The Drifting is what got most people to this 1JZ day event ..and there was lots of  it. 6 classes running 10 minutes per run I beleive was the format for the day.

drfting 100jzx

Sac-chan was ripping it up in her Automatic 100jzx.

automatic 100jzx

Twin Dori Dori

twin dori jzx's

Triple Dori Dori

triple 100jzx driftred jzx driftjzx drfiting

You better run the policeman is coming  !!

police chasing jzx'sPOLICE CHASING JZX100jzxdrfting 1jzx

It was pushing 3:00pm and with the drive back and Sunday traffic,  we had to get going. My Wife was expecting me to be home by 5:00pm to go out to dinner with the inlaws.We pack our camera’s up and start to walk back to the car.All in all it was a great day but there was this one BIG thing  that kept botthering me all day and it was that i wanted to check out the Skyline GTR day also but was limited on time.

Called the wife and explained i’m not gonna make it home for dinner with the inlaws….over to the GTR show we go…. For all you Nissan Skyline fans next up is coverage of the GT-R magazines event R’s Meeting 2010.

gtrsgtr small

More videos and pictures of the event soon to be posted on my facebook page, (jdm translate) please invite me to be a friend !!

I want to say thank you to AL for giving me the opportunity to post my first article online at this great site.Thanks to all who read and enjoyed the article. Thank you to my friend Joe for putting up with my crap all day about getting this shot that shot..etc..

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12 years ago

That bronze que maru with the hyaku front looks mental! No apperance from TGS? It’s good to see the stickers in the back windows of cars, you can tell where and who they roll with!

sugoi e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 years ago

Jap police toyotas, someone biting my style

William Stall
William Stall
12 years ago

More pics at my facebook page if ya’ll interested … jdm translate

12 years ago

the police car is awesome

12 years ago

The green and black chaser with white wheels is gorgeous!

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