Introducing Socks, the DW Sock.

DW Socks

Gina from FreekyGeeky sent us in this awesome little dude called Socks who is the latest member of staff in the DW office. He’s in charge of making things are running smoothly when Phil and James are out of the office. He’s clearly the highest qualified of the team.

Socks like muffins.

Under directive from Phil, Socks presents the meeting.

Joe hadn’t spotted Socks in the bin, luckily – he escaped.


Socks’ helmet isn’t exactly a snug fit…

It wasn’t long before Bon the Monkey and Socks got it on, much to the disgust of Mel.

Socks seems quite handy with tools on Phils new Evo7.

You can get your own mascot puppet from Gina at or all the details are on the DW Forum:

14 thoughts on “Introducing Socks, the DW Sock.

  1. im assuming socks and bon the monkey are both male… therefore, that shot is an exact depiction of “the cubblington desire” – ask Nick if you don’t know what that is :/

  2. Thankyou SO much for this DW team!!
    SO so pleased he made the blog!!
    Glad you liked him!!
    Keep him safe, and i want to see him in future photos!!!!!

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