JDM Allstars: Wembley – The Big Smoke

Silverstone has just happened – and I got some sweet shots then too – but I’m just going to (for the last time) rewind back to Sunday the 29th of August which marked the penultimate round of JDM Allstars 2010. Taking place at Wembley stadium, it was sure to be one of the best, if not the best event of the season.

There was already a buzz around the track at 9am, with many fans arriving early to get a good look around the open pits and various club stands.

Wembley Morning JDM Allstars

With many countries being represented at this years event, there were some interesting new cars for people to be looking around. Bas Plugge’s 350Z from Holland was a real head turner. Looking more like a GT500 car than a drift car, the widebody 350Z absolutely dominated when it came to aggressive looks. Unfortunately there was very little to see of this time attack car as it went out early in the competition to Stiggy and his awesome starlet.

LS3 £50Z Widebody and Starlet

Some of the UK boys had also changed their cars substantially. Brad Hacker’s FD3S had been repainted in an absolutely ridiculous pearl pink. It looked (and sounded!) absolutely fantastic. I’m absolutely down with the UK scene putting a bit more effort into the looks of their cars, it makes everything much more interesting!

Brad Hacker RX7 FD3S New Paint

The 2 low brain drifters PS13s driven by Luke Fink of Australia and the Irishman James Deane, were also looking brilliant and much improved. The cars can be distinguished between by Luke’s massive wing, and James’ smaller dual level spoilers.  I’m glad I’m not the painter that has to try and touch up these cars after the inevitable wall rubs, the candy apple red was deep as hell and looked absolutely gorgeous.

James Deane PS13 JDM

Matt House’s V8 powered FD3S is another great looking car from JDM Allstars, and it sounds absolutely insane with it’s LS1 motor drowning out the majority of other cars on the track.

Matt House LS1 V8 FD3S RX7

Unfortunately for Matt he was against Luke Fink in the first round of the top 32. Fink went through after some great driving from both drivers and disappointingly that was the last of the track time for the RX7.

Matt House Luke Fink FD3S RX7 PS13 LS1 V8

As well as all the drift styled vehicles around the track, there was also some other interesting cars to take a look at. A couple of really tidy VWs as well as a M3 CSL were really impressive. Then there was this really cool Honda that was simple and low; really smart looking!

Rad Honda Roofrack

Another surprise elimination was Wanders, in his RB powered, Falken liveried S14, who went out to Colfer in the first round.

Wanders S14 Falken RB

Scotty, in his SR20 powered Rocket Bunny S13 was eliminated in the first round due to yet another issue. It looked like the turbo had failed, adding to his run of bad luck after blowing up the car’s original RB motor just a couple of weeks ago. You really have to feel for Scotty who always comes to these events and gives it his all.

Scotty Rocket Bunny S13 Turbo Problems

A lot of cars this event had ‘run the wall’ stickers on their rear bumpers, with the idea of rubbing them off. One man took this to the extreme, and not only lost the sticker, but also part of the bumper! Gotta love the commitment.


The hero of the day for most people was George Tilling in his R32 Skyline. He had never advanced to the top 16 before but here, he ended up in overall 3rd! Much to the delight of the crowd.


George Fans

George R32 Skyline

The winner of JDM Allstars Wembley 2010 was Pawel Trela who narrowly beat out  Nigel Colfer in the final. The 2 S13s were so close through the first 2 rounds that the judges decided to go one more time. Obviously noone complained about this as  people would have been happy to sit and watch this battle play out for hours!

S13 S13.5 Battle Trela Colfer

So in the end, it was a pole at the top of the podium after a great drive and a great final battle. Overshadowed a little by the controversy surrounding him going through over Luke. But a fantastic win none the less.

Trela Podium Win


I’ll leave you with some final images, I hope you enjoyed the pictures and if you want to make wallpaper requests or anything like that, just message me on the forums/leave a comment here.


Wanders S14

Dan Chapman Mitto Twin

S13s Crowd Wembley

Luke Fink PS13


Chapman Ps13

James Deane Skid

800bhp Supercharged LS S15 Silvia

Calvert Overtake

Subura Drift Side Pan

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