Las Vegas baby!!

When you think of Las Vegas, what springs to mind? Casino’s? Expensive hookers? Alan from “The Hangover”?

That used to be the case for me, until I stumbled across Las Vegas based Eugene Remishevskiy’s 240sx. Built entirely in his garage at home, the fabrication and styling is amongst the best I’ve ever seen. Not bad for his first ever project car…

Here you can see how it all started. Built from the ground up, Eugene started with a sweet, fully stripped shell, In the condition we can only dream of here in the UK. A full FD spec rollcage was added, the beginnings of you can see above.

Full stitch welding, front tubs and gusseting all over the car, this should be seriously rigid!

Full FD spec welded cage will give Eugene the protection and regulation compliance that he needs for any future competitions. Gussets running to the shell will give added rigidity, bubbles the Chimp would have hours of fun in here!

Jumping forward in time to the interior, its a no-messing race setup. The stock cluster’s have been replaced with Apexi gauges, its stripped of everything but the essentials including bucket seats, harnesses and the obligatory hydro. One thing that has to go is that steering wheel, probably the only part of the car I don’t like. Maybe we can hook you up with a sweet Nardi Eugene?!

Now to the engine, a Redtop SR20DET. Running a basic tune including 550 injectors, Z32 AFM and a T28. Combined with a custom remap and welded diff, will be more than enough to keep the car sideways. Note the full loom tuck, custom catch tank and rad cowling. Anything that isn’t essential has either been binned or relocated – one seriously clean engine bay.

And we finish with the exterior. BN replica “aero” all round, with 40mm front and 50mm rear over fenders, lexan rear windows and Kouki rear lights. A fully lairy-green respray, sweet rear wing and motorbike mirrors complete the look. Wheels are taken care of by the dishy Work Euroline DH’s, with some even bigger ones currently on the way from Japan!

At a first glance, some people might call this a “lifestyler” car, with the bodywork, wheels and man-spec ride height. But take time to look into the build and you can see its one of the most comprehensive cars about. This is one of my favourite cars about at the moment, from both a engineering/fabrication and styling point of view. Big well done Eugene, just looking forward to seeing it in action!

You can read the full build thread and keep up to date with future additions in our forum here.

12 thoughts on “Las Vegas baby!!

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  2. Nice tidy build, love the dash gauges, not the biggest fan of the wheels thou and the rear over fender could do with a bit better blending looks a bit tacky atm.

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