Ready for Battle – Now with added power.

Well it’s been a tough 2 months rebuilding stuff – you’ve all already heard that our utterly amazing new drift shop is not only taking up most of our time while we prepare to fill it with amazing new products such as genuine Nardi wheels and loads of other new things, but this has meant that cars had to come second for once. However, the new shop is now out, and this being Driftworks, we don’t like to do things by halves. The 2JZ S15 is going to be returning to Knockhill this weekend for the finals of the BDC – so to celebrate we’ve fitted a much much bigger turbo. Want to find out how much power it made? Read on…

Driftworks S15 Turbo

The old turbo was nearing the end of it’s useful life, so as we had the entire engine out we decided to go for a full refresh, but with some added power. The first port of call was our pals at Full-Race who hooked us up with this amazing BorgWaner S300X twin scroll turbo complete with a 1.10 A/R exhaust housing which practically dwarfs the old one. This allows us to run some serious serious boosts. 1.8 bar in fact. 😀

BornWarner Turbo Nissan S15

One component that has always performed sterling work is the exhaust manifold designed and built by Garage-D. This very strange setup has proved itself time and time again and where as most manifolds crack in half a season, this one is still going strong despite 3 years of serious serious abuse.

Captain Paz has been simplifying and improving the wiring on the car which has always been a bastardised combination of wires and looms right back from when we first built the car, but now it’s sleek like the panther.

The engine has received some quick-release heat sheilding so we can work on the engine but keep the HKS timing pulleys cool and try not to melt the cam belt. Inside, the engine has received ACL bearings, a full set of forged Mahle pistons, all put together by Ant from DB Automotive who put a huge amount of careful work into the build. Thank you dude!!

Inside, it’s business as usual – simple dash means Phil can just concentrate on the revs and the important things like skidding.

So the big question is of course, how many powers does it make? Well we had it mapped by Greg at Protuner last night. Gregs dyno is actually accurate, unlike many of the dynos around the country that seem to ‘find’ 50-70bhp that doesn’t really exists. You may remember the car ran 666bhp last time it hit the dyno, well we can report that it now makes much more. The problem is, at 1.8 bar in a car that weighs about as much as a shoe, it was doing massive massive burnouts on the dyno. In 5th. And it still read 690bhp. So assuming it’s making a conservative 60-70bhp more at least…. well, you use your imagination. 😀

See you at Knockhill kids. Phil’s gunning for the title, and when you hear how angry the spool up on this car is now, you’ll be impressed.

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  1. nice one. If your interested i know of a local to me tuner with a hub dyno but he is in berkshire. He also has his own supra so he knows the engines.

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