Driftworks AwesomeFest™ 2011 Announced

AwesomeFest 2011

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Driftworks is proud to announce a HUGE new festival for 2011 – AwesomeFest™ 2011 will take place next year on the 29th-31st of July 2011 at Mallory Park, United Kingdom.

This epic show will have two days of non-stop drifting all weekend where anyone will be able to drift, we will also be closely collaborating with MotoX, Skate and BMX promoters to create a world of amazing awesomeness! Bring your friends and family, and of course, yourself.

The current CONFIRMED line up will include:

  • Non Stop Drifting for 2 days
  • Skate Park
  • BMX Ramps
  • Moto X
  • Wall Of Death
  • Giant 3000 person Music and Beer tent
  • Drift Jumble
  • Trade Village
  • FunFair
  • Car Club Stands
  • 2 nights of Camping
  • Flood lit Pro-Drifters night battles
  • Passenger rides with TOP Drift Drivers!

This event will be a big deal and we are working very closely with one of the best promoters and organisers in Europe to achieve this. This WILL happen, and this WILL be awesome! We’re inviting all drifters to come and try Mallory, so if you’re in Europe, Japan or America you are WELCOME!

More information coming soon on prices and entry. We will have an official question line to answer any questions you may have!

The unofficial AwesomeFest chat thread has started in the forum here: https://www.driftworks.com/forum/drifting-chat/127038-awesomefest-o.html

65 thoughts on “Driftworks AwesomeFest™ 2011 Announced

  1. Yeah the whole concept is great, but please, what are you thinking with that name, we are not in 1989, that is so unbelievably gay, the skaters and BMXs will see straight through that, and won’t turn up. Might attract some American frat boys though. Please change it before it’s too late. UK Matsouri?

  2. Awesomefest2011, i’ll be there man! Cant wait woooooooooooooooo! Got a new engine for my CRF50 too, so i’ll just throw that into the roof of my S14 or something, and rip.

  3. hmmmm i could try to come over aswell…. just what i hoped for a proper drift event in the uk, ive been planning for a while i suppose that´ll be perfect!

  4. Even if I die before this someone can bring me in my coffin!!
    I love the idea of the drift jumble as I am sure people will be needing new bits after a bit of track fun.
    Dont think I will be drinking though, just drifting non stop is all I want!!!!
    Beer money is better spent on tyres and petrol IMO.

  5. Anyone from N’Ireland thinking about going? Been looking at Flights today, £59 Return flying from Belfast to Birmingham! Then try and Bus it as close to the track as possible! 😛

  6. People flying in, we will arrange transport from Birmingham and East Mids airports.

    EU amateur drifters are welcome to drift, just book your sessions like anyone else when they are announced, we are hoping a lot of you will come and experience the event with us.

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  8. be epic if we can bring our own bmxs and rip it up i also drift rc cars would there be anyroom for that i can put on a good show bein the uk champ 🙂

  9. sweet:))) me and Petter eriksen will come to england with phils old car:) and some other guys. I think this will be great:)

  10. i was thinking about this and some one else pointed it out too, what will be done to stop lads having a few drinks then hitting the track????

  11. Compulsary breathaliser in the pit lane. We’ve already thought through most issues you can come up with, but keep em coming 🙂

  12. any ideas of what sorta fee we are talking about for coming to drift for the whole time? since a few of us from finland are seriously considering trailering our cars over to the uk! and in addition will there possibly be any sort of cheap tyres in pit areas that we can buy or should we consider bringing our own? just asking since bringing a weekends tyres will be a pain in the butt…. these are just a few questions we are wondering since its “quite” far to trailor cars over there from finland!

  13. I will definitely be there 😀 In my new Volvo 340 😀 a 6 hour drive and 2 days of solid drifting then a 6 hour drive home shall do it fine when i get it 😀

  14. now we have a small posse incoming there! only drift car so far we have with us and that is my rs13 pickup missile 😀

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