Ex-Driftworks / Phil Morrisons S14a caught on Camera!

Alok Paleri hit me up this morning with this gem… “Yea man, as soon I saw the fire out of the side exit exhaust, it could only be one car”! 😀

Phil’s all teary eyed. The car now belongs to Norwegian nutter Petter Eriksen who seems to be doing the car justice. Loving it!

8 thoughts on “Ex-Driftworks / Phil Morrisons S14a caught on Camera!

  1. Awesome!

    Love the V8 sound of the Cayenne S, and notice how much fresh rubber the Silvia puts on the track 🙂

    – Neffi / Scandinavian Drift & Works Magazine photographer

  2. Nice curves, but very slow.
    He should try running some Maxxis or federal, they dont blow up like that.

    1. he was running on suntek tyres. and it wasnt much left:) when they get warm there is like skidding on ice. he usaly runs on BCT tyres.

  3. LOL! thats deffo Phils car with the rear arches and back bumper blown off! It used to eat arches for fun when phil had it! It even moves the same way still.

  4. Cool to see it still in action, it seemed crazy doing the side exit exhaust and back arches to such a new car, bearing in mind it was at least 5 years ago, well before Garage-D even existed!!!



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