How epic can drifting be?

Training session at final round of SSS finals

How epic your weekend was? I’m 100% sure that it wasn’t even 50% as awesome as mine. This time I was visiting Lublin for 6th and final round of Super Drift Cup by SSS. Not as a media guy, but as part of crew this time. But that didn’t stop me for grabbing few photos at the training session when I have a little free time ( only free time during weekend actually ).

So after 10 hours in train, I was there. I’ve said hi to whoever I knew and not and went straight at track, as I was sure that was the only moment that I could use.


This round was rounds of records, epicness and legendary achievements. Firstly- records. Almost 90 drifters from all over Poland were there to compete in 2 classes- amateur FAN and professional PROFI. We had a tough challange to make trening easy for everyone. Thanks to all the people involved, everyone had tons of time to drift.

Another record- during sundays TOP32 there were over 5000 people! In Poland that is incredible. And not few goofy guys with beer, oh hell no. The audience was WILD! They scream so loud, that you could hear them few km from track!

nice s15 from angle

I have so much to tell you that I have no idea where to start. Sorry for no photos from tsuiso, but as I said earlier, I didn’t have time to grab photos, as I was MC/track crew/almost a jugde xD/result guy. Yea, pretty wild it was 😉


You said that you would like more action shots- so now you have only action shots!

Whole event was held with pretty nice weather and the rain waited till the very end to fall. Thanks to the best drifters in Poland ( Europe?), the TOP16 battles were INCREDIBLE! Seriously, I was to few events during my drift adventure, but that was something on another dimension. You remeber Luke Fink agressive following? We were lucky enough to see something better for much more time.

Very well known Paweł Trela ( Wembley JDM Allstars round winner ) was set to meet Piotr Jankowski ( another JDM Allstars visitor ) in TOP16. That was pretty quick, as these are one of the best drifters out there. We all know Paweł skill level, and to show you Piotr Jankowski skill, you must know that his last 3 events he finished on podium all the time. Epic battle to go!

Still drift in sun

That is very rare ECO-EXHAUST, offered by NASA only. It helps reduce the noise and is friendly for every living plant.

It took 3(!) OMT to decide who is better. After 2 OMT judges had hard time to decide what to do. Another OMT? That would be pretty difficult for cars, drivers and everyone. This time MC Ping ( during sunday I wasn’t helping him 😉 ) asked audience if they want OMT. Guys, seriously. I have NEVER hear this loud “YES!” in my life. I was at the top of the judges tower and the wind created by that scream almost made us fall! Audience was superb! So with that statement, we had to make another OMT!

Drifttube team

That was the battle of the day for sure. Check out youtube for videos. I was really angry that I couldn’t take any photos, but seeing this from way above was incredible. I shake my head in disbelieve. Totally LEGEN… wait for it…

sr20 powered fd3s

…DARY! LEGENDARY! Here’s Krzystof Terej in sr20 powered fd. This car was the one to actually take part in biggest crash that day. It wasn’t anything serious, but it really got everyone moving! I still remember high-fiving Ping for his D1 style “CRASHUUUUU” shout hahaha!

16 year old drifter

UK has Duane McKeever as their future, Poland has Łukasz Wróblewski. That 16 year old dude was totally killing it! With better car and practise, he would be the one to look out for in future!

But it was this guy who started all of audience nirvana. Local hero who seemed to know everyone in crowd got tons of cheers during his runs. Even though he was only “amateur” FAN class driver!

the ultimate drift machine

I’m sure that u recognize this car. Silverstone number 3, Marcin “Nospin” Mospinek eventually took the win this time! And what a final it was… Marcin was kind enough to lend his car to his teammate Grzegorz Hypki for the event. And as this car is incredible, they meet in final! So as everyone was sure that Hypki will forfeit and give win to Mospinek ( he needed that win to get 1st place in overall), we heared that it’s not possible. Grzegorz borrow another car and to the finals we go!

Drift down

FAN class winner MarcinWoźniak here 😉 During that event he ended up 4th, but that was enough to grab the win overall.

So back to the finals. As the drivers went all out in first corner, crowd has totally lost it. They were screaming, waving, everything! And in the middle section one of the drivers spun out, it was incredible! Turns out that Marcin destroyed gas pedal ( LOL!) and needed to forfeit. Quick chat with judges and it turns out it is 10-0 for Marcin Mospinek, as Hypki spun first. Thanks to that, Grzegorz says that he won’t go again and it was Marcin Mospinek who won the battle and championship!

hits the clip perfectly

I’m sure that you already regret not being there. Well, you should. I have NEVER EVER saw this kind of finals. Even the drivers says that it was most epic event ever. Thats of course thanks to best drifters out there, good judges work, incredibly pumped Ping (MC) and audience that was the best ever.

Opel senator drift

Not to mention the cars. Have you ever saw Opel Senator drifting? Well, here you go!

Overall, I would really want to thank few people here. Bartdrift- for giving me possibility to be there and everything he has done for Super Drift Cup, Kamkor and Jordi ( judges) for taking the responsibility of being judges ( and that is incredible hard) and of course Ping, who totally owned the event with his commentatory.

of the season

And as the sun was setting everything was clear. Marcin “Nospin” Mospinek took the win and overall championship, with Mateusz Włodarczyk in 2nd and Grzegorz Hypki in 3rd ( 2nd in Lublin).

It’s hard to imagine that it was 1st time for SSS crew in drifting events. With all that experience, I wait with my hands shaking for another round! Too bad, I will have to wait for more than few weeks.

Anyway, see you next year SSS!

PS. That amount of action shots is enough ;)?

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11 years ago

i see more and more BMWs than before

11 years ago

Poland is growing in strength

11 years ago

i would like to see more jdm car in poland

11 years ago

and i would like to see more girls on the photos.
Poland is growing in strenght indeed.
keep up.

11 years ago

Girls you say hm? 🙂 I will remember haha

And yea, I would like to JDM as well 😐

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