JimsFactory: I make a Diff…erence

Hello again! It’s been a month or so since my last blog on here so I’ll bring you guys up to speed with the noxious world of paint fumes and MX-5’s. I’ve been pretty busy in the Factory for the last few weeks I’ve done a helmet in the style of a vintage bomber.

You can even see yours truly in the reflection! Hi Me!

Next piece was a rocker cover for a young lady called Laura I was told to make it yellow with an industrial feel.

Then  it was time for Street Hawk you Joe who helps out at DW had his bike stolen and dropped. He asked me to just touch it up as it has cracked the fairing and dented the tank but I told him we should just do something cool with it.  He liked Mr Phil’s helmet so we went for it with a full on Skull Mitzvah.

Jims Factory Custom bike paint

That’s how work has been now for the fun of the MX5. Since I got the car it’s been ruined by an open diff so I went for the real solution an got my self  a 1.5 way Kaaz unit. Thanks to Kam in the DW office for sorting out the order it arrived with no issues so it was time for fitting. After struggling for a hour or so I gave up with our pullers and ordered a new pair of bearings I was surprised when I phoned a local bearing company and found they were only £8 each.

Then it was time to rebuild the casing I have measured the backlash before I took it out and as I hadn’t touched the pinion depth its was just a case of preloading the bearings and setting the backlash to the same again.

Having got diff setup completely wrong before on my Corolla and having to do the whole job again. I worried a bit as I put it back together  filled it up with the oil supplied it was time to run it in. I had no noise issues this time and it worked perfectly. After a few on and off power circles in both directions and a few miles it was time do a oil change. Luckily the MX5 takes so little oil the tin of oil Kaaz supplied was big enough to run it in and change it again.

This highlighted the next problem with the car it seems even a brand new looking pair of Admiral 712 tyres on the front are useless you could apply power mid drift and the back tyres even in the wet would push you into an under steer. This would not stand so I went out to get a new set I got a sweet deal on a set of Yokohama Parada SP2’s it was a toss up between something like this or the mighty Federal 595RSR. I went for the cheaper option after remembering how real good tyres on the front of the corolla would snap you out of the drift like playing Gran Turismo prologue. If I ever get keen enough to go on a proper track day and do some laps I’ll be getting the RSR’s but for now these are good enough.

So thats how I stand for September It will be hard top time for the car soon and I’ve finally given up trying to wear shorts every day and am bracing for the misery of winter. At least we have Mallory to look forward to in a couple of weeks hopefully I’ll make it out for a few laps.

If I can interest you in getting some thing painted try these links, have a nice day now.




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peter h
peter h
11 years ago

i need my rocker cover done

11 years ago

Yeah boiiiiii!! Awesome paints.

11 years ago

Awesome, awesome work… not internet awesome, like actually awesome!

11 years ago

Good job Dale.. Good Job.

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