Rota Zero Plus on Al’s Roadster

Rota Zero Plus MX5

I have a pretty much mint perfect condition MX-5 as a daily driver, principally because it’s SO much fun to drive and costs me nothing to run. It was however looking decidedly… well, not as good as it good be – as the entire office was quick to point out at every opportune moment. However a bit of work, and we’re nearly there… The first job was a set of HSD Coilovers which replaced stock broken shocks and springs with sublime ride and body control. I don’t like to run my cars too low, but I do know the front needs another bit of a drop. Anyway…

Rota Zero Plus

The next job was to fit some nice wheels.

Rota Zero Plus

After a bit of fannying around choosing, I settled on a set of Rota Zero Plus ET10’s in 15×8 flavour. After trying to get some RS Watanabes from Japan and failing to find any in 4×100, and there being literally no decent wheels that the VW scene tax hasn’t ruined, these were by far and beyond the best option. They weigh less than the tyres that they’re fitted to!
Rota Zero Plus

Jay took some time out of the Factory to help me fit the tyres onto the rims, and gently tickle the arches out the way.

No, the suspension isn’t broken, a combination of me running it reasonably conservative so that it’s actually drivable and only just pulling off the jacks is my excuse for the ride height.

ET0 wheels stick out too far on an 8j, but the ET10 looks spot on. No mexi-fit here!

Next jobs are a splitter of some sort, geometry and a stainless manifold and de-cat, some induction noise, and then it’s complete!

16 thoughts on “Rota Zero Plus on Al’s Roadster

  1. C’mon, jdm? It looks jdm, but isn’t jdm. I don’t like the way ROTA is copying wheels, but i cannot argue with effect. Looks awesome. But still- drop it a little more xD

  2. Was gonna say exactly what Ray said, good shout dude 😀 Looks real nice, but surely you can go plenty lower while still keeping the car practical on a daily basis and completely usable like you want to? Anyway like I said looks nice and the wheels really make it.

  3. I’m actually considering buying a mx5 NA hehe But sorry, I will go for full JDM look 😉 Too bad it will cost fortune…

    Thx TR 😉 I’m not logged, but its Ray here lol

  4. Hey Al, Could you go lower in the rear if you want or you’re at the maximum? and how many inch left you have in front and rear?!

    Thanks alot


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